Thursday, August 25, 2022

Maggie Valley North Carolina SEVROC Thursday

I was up at 7:00 AM and worked on my notes, catching up blog posts until Sandy got up. Then a few of us headed over to Pop's Place for another very good breakfast.

They fixed the sign - SEVROC is official

Sandy, MT, Teresa, Butch, Linda and Bill at Pop's Place

Back at the room, I worked diligently to get the blog completely caught up to yesterday, taking time off to greet the new arrivals as they came in. I did skip lunch because we had a big group supper planned.

Willie Wonka (Illinois), Blondy (Alabama), Sandy (Ontario) Susan & Badger (Florida) and The Lovely Carlene (Illinois) with Willie's friend Reed in the background

Badger, Susan and Didsbury Dave (Alberta) with Sandy

Mark (Alabama), Southern Draw (just down the road) and Mikey (Georgia)

KT (Indiana and Arizona) with Sandy

During the course of the afternoon, I found that my sunglass clip was missing. I looked all around in our room and outside. I remember having it at Bearwater Brewery last night, taking it off and putting it on the table. I drove back up there and checked but Connor, the bartender, said nothing had been turned in. On the drive back to the motel, I remembered that I had been down at the other end of the motel talking to Snubs when the sun went down. I had a vague memory of taking it off and putting it on the wooden stump that served as a side table. Sure enough, that is where it was. I guess I need a string like on a kid's mittens to keep track of my stuff.

The supper saw about 35 of us caravan over to the Haywood Smokehouse in Waynesville. We sat out back and were served by a lone guy named Jim. It was spectacular watching him work. He got all the right things to all the right tables and stayed on top of refills and everything else. His "can do" attitude was inspiring.

Haywood Smokehouse - Waynesville NC

Our table

New people Cary and Cindy from Georgia

I opted for a two meat platter with pulled pork and brisket augmented by sides of mac 'n cheese (I know, carbs are bad) and coleslaw. Texas toast was included (more carbs).  They had a Carolina Sweet sauce that was mellow and excellent. Sandy had a lite diner's meal of pulled pork and coleslaw. I took a picture of her attacking her portion but it wasn't that flattering so I deleted it.

Jim, server extraordinaire, handing out bills

The group was mostly back at the motel by 7:00 PM. The rest of the evening consisted of visiting and catching up. The number of people we haven't seen in a while was surprising but made the trip down well worth it.

EZ talking to Reed and Willie Wonka

EZ and Sandy with Six Pack Jack in the background

Six Pack Jack, Stockbridge Richard and EZ

Red Rover (Tennessee) and Wrong Turn (Indiana and Arizona)

Willie Wonka and I discussed a ride tomorrow up The Rattler (NC 209) to Hot Springs. He had never been up that road while I had not been there for many years. I downloaded two versions from Gary Bohler's Maggie Valley Rides site. They were identical up to Hot Springs but featured different length return routes. We will decide which to follow tomorrow, dependent on what the weather forecast looks like.

VROC seniority is denoted by a member's number. New members are currently getting numbers in the 39,000 range. I am #1850, having joined in 1998. We had a good discussion going on that included Badger #77 and Joker #93. Two digit VROCers are a rarity.

Finally, about 11:00 PM, we decided to call it a night. There is no map today because, other than the Smokehouse, we never went anywhere.

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