Monday, June 06, 2005

Stecoah North Carolina to Sudbury Ontario (Two Days)

The two day trip home was uneventful and we are becoming very familiar with the route.

We rolled out of KSL yesterday morning ten minutes behind our planned departure time of 6:30 AM. There was some fog and haze on the mountains as we headed up 74 past Bryson City and Waynesville to I-40 and over to Asheville. As the clouds dissipated, it got hot and sunny. We stopped again briefly in Abingdon and then rolled continuously up I-81, I-77, US19 and I-79. The traffic was relatively light and we had little difficulty with the two major construction zones south of Pittsburgh.

Exactly twelve hours after we left KSL we were in Erie, Pa after having covered 690 miles. We went to Cracker Barrel for supper and then turned in early. (Sorry I didn't call, Scruffy, but we were beat. Next time.)

There were storm systems moving south of Lake Erie this morning but we eluded them. The 400-mile run from Erie was uneventful. The border crossing, as usual, was perfunctory and again the traffic wasn't too heavy. I broke my own rule and took the 407 to avoid the QEW fiasco in Oakville. About 75 miles south of Sudbury the clouds changed to steady overcast and the temperature dropped but we only got a few drops as we approached the outskirts of town.

All in all, it was a memorable trip and we look forward to heading that way again.
Now it is time to mow the lawn, get new rubber, an oil change and whatever service the bike needs and get ready to leave the middle of next week on our big western trip. The bike has just under 20,000 km’s on it. Not bad considering we picked it up March 30th. It’s been running like a top and is everything we hoped it would be.

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