Monday, June 20, 2005

Omaha Nebraska to Strasburg Colorado

What can you say about traveling across Nebraska in 100-degree heat? It was a long day. We headed out early and stopped once in Kearney for breakfast. We stopped again in front of the antique car museum so I could walk ¼ mile back up I-80 to pick up Sandy’s Frogg Togg rain jacket, which had escaped from the zippered enclosure on top of the trailer. A mini-incidentJ I decided I was tired of the cover flapping and so we hit a rest area where we removed it and stuck it in the trailer.

In Ogallala, we stopped for a Subway sandwich. While we were getting ready to leave, one of the couples on the GL’s from the Omaha campground pulled in. It seems his tire temperature warning system was reading 179 degrees, above the 176 warning level. Since I don’t have one of these, I didn’t worry about mine. Larry and Susan, I hope you made it to Ogden safely.

We left I-80 and took I-76 towards Denver as the heat continued. At Brush, we turned south on Colorado 71 to a place called Last Chance. This road had some one-lane construction and the bike heated up as we followed a pilot car for several miles at a blistering 12 MPH. At Last Chance, we turned west again on US 38 towards Strasburg where the KOA was located. We had been watching some big storm cells build, so I switched over to the weather radio. Holy Oz, Dorothy, there were three severe storm warnings in progress.
We beat the storms to Strasburg and got set up. Immediately next door there was a Texas BBQ place. It wasn’t Cooper’s, but it was OK. By then, one of the storms was catching up with us. The winds were so severe that we took down the camper to avoid damage and wait it out. Typically, it stalled right over us for hours. Finally, we decided it was safe and put it back up in time to go to bed.

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