Saturday, May 16, 2009

Around Combermere

It was raining this morning when we got up. I decided I needed to catch up on my blogging. After a while, Heather and Tom wandered over and, still later, Kim, Mike & Jolene. Mike and Kim made an apple/oatmeal concoction for breakfast/lunch that was pretty tasty and filling. After breakfast, I took a nap. When I woke up, the kids had headed back to their own places.

The group ride scheduled for 11:00 didn't happen due to the persistent rain. Maybe tomorrow.I took the computer over to the lodge and posted all the blog updates. Sandy and the kids went visiting. Jolene has been a big hit here and we've had fun spending some time here. Most of the time, she is all smiles and odd noises. Occasionally, she gets fretful when it's nap or feeding time but is a happier kid than most.

We made a supper for the six of us consisting of lasagna, Caesar salad and some homemade bread Kim brought. After supper, it was getting dark. The guests left and Sandy and I wandered down to the Round House to see what was going on. In a word, nothing. It was 9:30 and no one was there. Perhaps it was the fact that, with the temperature dropping like a rock, everybody decided to stay in their warm cabins. We could have gone visiting but, being surprisingly tired, we headed back to Cabin 3 and turned in for the night. I managed to read about four pages of Leon Uris' Armageddon when sleep caught up with me.

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