Monday, May 18, 2009

Combermere Ontario to Waterloo Ontario

Sandy and I were up at 7:00 AM. It was cool but the skies were clear and sunny. Much better than the snow we faced last year. While we waited for Heather and Tom, Brother John dropped by for a visit. T&H arrived and we finished off our food with a breakfast of toast and yogurt before wandering up to Cabin 17 to say our goodbyes.

We were on the road by 10:00 AM as the temperatures rose to decent levels. Heading down Hwy 62, we went through Bancroft before the local traffic got heavy. We were pleased to see the visible support for our troops in Afghanistan hanging from every light standard in the small town.

Bancroft Support Our Troops banners

We headed west from Bancroft. In this part of the country, the GPS tries to take us down every side road thinking it is a shortcut. Despite the fastest time setting, these roads aren't up to the same standard as the main highway and would, in fact, take us a lot more time. Oddly, in busier areas, the routing will keep us on main roads and avoid valid shortcuts. This is why the GPS remains more of an art than a science.

We took Highways 68, 503 and Monck Road to Orillia where we fueled up at a very busy Sunoco. Then we stayed north on Old Barrie Road (following some kind of livestock truck I had inadvertently let in ahead of us) to Midhurst, where we stopped for lunch at the Midhurst Coffee House and Breakfast Place. This is the spot we discovered last year when in the cold and heavy winds, Heather needed a stop. The food is good and the hot chocolate (for the non-diabetics) is excellent.

The Midhurst Coffee House and Breakfast Place

From Midhurst, we looped farther to the west before cutting down to Waterloo, avoiding traffic returning to Toronto. We came in by the back roads through Fergus and headed to Tom's parents place to put the Suzuki's to bed. Toms mom, Zofia, asked us in for a fine supper before we headed back to Tom and Heather's for the night.

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