Friday, October 23, 2009

Wedding Day Minus 1

I was up and in the hotel exercise room at 6:00 AM.  They have a couple of treadmills, a horizontal bike and two elliptical machines, just what I needed.  They are Nautilus, different from what I am used to, but they did the job and I  got a good workout.  I was the only one there.  After an hour of sweating, I went back to the room, showered and headed down to the breakfast area for a Continental bite to eat.

It was raining and there was a bitter wind out of the north.  The girls headed to Elmira for a final fitting check and then brought the gowns back to the hotel where Heather checked in.  She has a Jacuzzi King suite, one step up from ours and a floor above.  The one wrinkle was that the bridal gown needed to be hung but there wasn't anywhere in the room high enough to do it.  Heather and Kim went out and got some removable 3M hooks which we installed on a valance after moving the furniture around.  Voila.  Hung gowns.  Then we all adjourned to our room for Domino's thin crust pizza I had ordered.

The girls then left for some shopping and to get their nails done.  Sandy already had a manicure in Sudbury but she went with them anyway.  I hung around the room and watched some Youtube videos on the computer.  There were some good ones from Stargate Atlantis on McKay and Keller's growing relationship (Jewel Staite is one of my favourite actresses and David Hewlett's geek character wins her heart) and one of an actress named Leela Savasta who had a very bit role on one show.  I predict we will be seeing more of her in the future.  Atlantis was a great program and I am really a big softy for romance stories.  Here are the best clips.

During the afternoon, I went down to check the van tire pressures.  Fuel mileage has been off for a while now and I should be doing this on a regular basis.  After all, I am anal about bike tire pressures.  But I haven't paid attention to the Caravan and I found all four tires to be around 25 PSI when they should be 36.  Not wanting to dig my compressor out, I headed to the gas station down the street and paid fifty cents to use their high pressure hose.

When the girls got back, Sandy told me Heather had driven her Grand Am over a curb.  I went down and checked the right front tire.  There was only 10 PSI in it and I feared the worst, but will look at it tomorrow when the rain lets up.  The car isn't moving until after the wedding anyway.  It looks like this is tire day.

Heather and Kim were getting settled in her suite when bridesmaids Agnes and Tina (Tom's brother's wife and soon-to-be wife, respectively) showed up for girls' night.  Sandy, Harry, Jan and I headed over to the Daily Grill for some supper.  The special was a chicken Cordon Bleu, which we all had and it was excellent.  Our server, Natalie, is studying to be a paralegal.  If she does that half as well as she serves tables, she ought to be a very good one.

I dropped the family at the hotel and went over to pick up Jessica, who had just finished her shift at Chapters.  She, Heather and Kim would be spending the night in the suite.  In their room, Heather and I practiced a waltz step for our Father/Daughter dance.  We'll be stepping to I Loved Her First by Heartland, a very appropriate tune.  It is 3/4 time but fairly fast so we have to slow it down by half, a bit tricky since the last time I danced was at Kim and Mike's wedding.

Then it was down to the room for a bit of TV, a toast to Gunslinger and then off to bed.

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