Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bethel Maine

Happy Birthday to me. Fifty-nine years ago today, I came into this world in Val D'Or, Quebec. Some day, I may actually realize I'm getting older but, for now, I am happy to continue feeling like I am still a young buck.  With a few aches and pains.  I was overwhelmed by the greetings and congratulations from everyone via Facebook and the VROC newsgroup.

We were downstairs in the dining room shortly after 7:30 for the full breakfast that was included in the room rate. I decided a hearty start to the day was warranted and ordered a carnivore omelet and rye toast. Our big table filled up with cheerful VROCers and it was a pleasant meal.

After breakfast, those with motorcycles planned their ride for the day. Unlike many years, the sky was blue and there was no rain in the forecast. Remaining behind, Steve, Dee, Ralph, Dawn, Sandy and I decided we would kick back and take it easy.

U-Turn, Ol' Phart Joe, Lost Bob and Brad discuss route options for the ride

while Karen waits patiently

Lost Bob really likes his name

U-Turn and Ol' Phart Joe with dueling GPS's

After the riders left, the remaining six of us sat around the hotel lobby and swapped stories until lunch time. Then we adjourned to the pub where we ate a light meal. Afterwards, we wandered down the street and across the railway track to the Foothills Grill for ice cream. Then we continued to the park and followed the path for a ways, although I found a park bench for a while because my hip was still complaining. Back at the hotel, Steve, Ralph and I compared RV notes. This was good for me because they both have a lot more experience than I do.

The riders returned, all smiles, by mid-afternoon. We mingled for a while and then adjourned to the pub for a few drinks before supper. I found my blood sugar had jumped to 10.0 (160) for no good reason other than a suspicion that I was dehydrated. I drank a full jug of water and, within an hour, it was down to 6.4 (115). That served to remind me that I have to stay on top of things.

We moved up to the fancy dining room for our 7:15 reservation. They had set three tables aside for our group. Ed was our waiter and handled the orders with a quiet and friendly competence. Sandy ordered the Scallopini Milanese, a selection I favoured until Ed told us there was a special on prime rib that wasn't on the menu. It was thick and pink, complemented by garlic mashed potatoes and slivered vegetable. Many skipped dessert but I chose cheesecake to go with my coffee. The group surprised me by ordering an ice cream stuffed eclair with a candle on it and gathering around to sing Happy Birthday. All in all, it was a fine meal with good friends.

Brad, Sandy and U-Turn

Karen, Joe, Judy and Brad

I wish I could remember his name, Jess, Dawn, Ralph, Jewel and Bobcat

Laurie, Steve and Dee

Sylvie, Homer and Lost Bob

After supper, some went to bed while the rest of us adjourned to the sidewalk in front of the hotel under the full harvest moon. U-Turn, Homer, Sylvie, Steve,, Dee, Ralph, Dawn and I were trading one liners and laughing up a storm. U-Turn, usually the instigator, was brought to a complete standstill by Homer who is one funny guy. People laughed so hard there were tears in some eyes. But all good things must end and, before 11:00 PM, we had headed off to our rooms.

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