Monday, September 05, 2011

Wiarton Ontario to Sudbury Ontario

As often happens on the Labour Day Weekend, someone shuts off the "Summer" switch during the weekend. After warm weather, we woke up this morning to 11C and drizzle. The Internet tells me it is only 7C in Sudbury. This would make for a cool, damp ride home if we were on the motorcycle. Lucky for us, the motorhome has a heater and windshield wipers.

Kevin helped me get the trailer pushed out on the road and pointed in the right direction. His crew, including Heather and Tom, were packed up and ready to roll before we got hooked up. I hoped the weather would improve for them as they headed south.

I hooked the trailer up and loaded the motorcycle without any trouble. We tolled out at 9:15, heading south on Highway 6 to Owen Sound. I fueled there and we followed Highway 26 to Wasaga Beach through patches of light rain. I opted to go right through Wasaga and Elmvale to Highway 400. Traffic was exceptionally light, partly because we were moving at 90 degrees to the Toronto bound masses.

On 400, we stopped at the new pullout by Moon River and made lunch from the things we had in the fridge. About then, we drove out of the light misting rain. Southbound traffic was now heavy and that continued all the way up the two lane road to the Key River, where the bridge was down to one lane for road work. We waited quite a while as large volume of vehicles was let through southbound.

I do wonder about the deteriorating condition of Highway 69. I'm sure MTO doesn't want to invest in it because it is supposed to be superseded by the new four lane road. Unfortunately, that is several years away and I'm afraid this pavement won't last that long.

There was no place to park at the French River Trading Post so we continued on to home, where we arrived around 3:00 under grey, overcast skies. I managed to get the bike unloaded and the trailer and motorhome maneuvered into the driveway in short order.

It was a good weekend and now we need to get ready to head to Maine on Thursday in the van.

Today's Route (256 motorhome miles):

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