Saturday, May 13, 2017

Cambridge and Woodstock - Fiona's Birthday Party

I was awake at 5:00 AM. That's what I get for going to bed early. I am pretty sure I was having a good dream. After reading my Kindle for a half hour or so, I got up and got dressed. Sandy and Jolene were already up watching TV when I made my appearance.

Facebook photos Mike posted last night from Niagara Falls showed that he and Kim appeared to be having a good time.

The first objective today was to get to Cambridge Community Church for their yard sale. This is where the family attends Sunday services. Sandy and I didn't realize that there was a specific target to this mission. Jolene and Robyn locked in on one of those small round exercise trampolines which they already knew was there, and they were determined to have it for their very own. They were successful. Robyn also got a small game and Jolene found a flag bracelet.

Cambridge Community Church

The successful shoppers

We stopped by a Tim Horton's after we left the church. It was 9:00 AM on a Saturday and yet the Drive-Thru line wound around the building. Then we tried the one out at Waters St and Myers, thinking it would be more out of the way. No such luck. This city seems to have a real Timmy's mania. I went inside and lined up behind about fifteen people. Luckily, the staff were up to the challenge.

Back at the house, we found Kim and Mike might be a little later than expected. Rather than put a crimp in their getaway, we moved the gear in the back seat to the trailer to make room for the girls. After finishing yesterday's blog, we headed out to Heather and Tom's in Woodstock, arriving about 11:25. It was a short drive but I was really beat. This better be the end of that nonsense.

Jolene and Robyn had fun playing with Jasper. Fiona didn't want anyone but Mom for a while, but eventually she settled down and Jolene played with her for a long time while Heather prepared for the party.

Mommy's birthday girl

Mother's Day flowers and depth of field exercise

All four grandchildren

Fiona's first birthday party was supposed to start at the Polish Hall at 3:00 PM. We were to get the keys at 2:00 so we could get set up, and the custodian arrived right on time. Tom's parents, Stan and Zofia, arrived soon after. It took the whole hour to set up the tables and chairs, outfit the play area, blow up the balloons and lay out the food.

 Waiting for the key
Stuffed animals to give away

Getting the play area ready

Jasper testing the tunnel

I don't know what it is but it is pretty

Please take us home!!

Tables ready

Grandparents are always ready to help - Zofia, Stan and Sandy

Cookies and more cookies

Perogies and cabbage rolls

And a chocolate fountain

People started to arrive at 3:00. First there were the other cousins and then kids whose parents were friends of Heather, all with their parents in tow. Every one seemed to be having a good time and the food was, as usual, plentiful.

Kids went for the chocolate fountain first

What did Fiona say to Auntie Kim??

Mike sampling the fare

Robyn and Jolene enjoying the food

And Sandy (another good picture)

Amidst the food, there was a lot of socializing, as you might expect at a family gathering. The kids played and the adults talked.

The play area was well used

Some of Tom's family

Heather and a mommy friend (looks like they swapped kids)

And sometimes you need to get down to the kids' level

Kim getting ready to leave

Pretty tables

Jasper helping Fiona open gifts

Cake time?

It was a beautiful cake

Jasper liked it...

...and helped light the solitary candle

Singing Happy Birthday

Jasper making his move

And then watching closely as Zofia cut the cake

The birthday girl needed a piece

But what to do with it?

I have no cutlery... ditch the plate and go at it old style


Do I like it??

Yes I do!!!

The party broke up a little after 5:00, but it took us until 6:00 to clean up the hall and load all the stuff in Heather and Tom's vehicles. Heather was giving a friend a ride home but could not fit her stroller into the Hyundai, so we put it into our back seat and followed them. Then Sandy and I headed over to the Best Western Plus and checked in.

The elevator was broken but we didn't mind because they had us in a junior king suite on the first floor. They got the elevator sorted out soon after. The cause of the problem was a stone jammed into the door guide channel. Quick fix.

I posted my bills, sorted and uploaded my photos, transcribed my notes and prepared this blog entry as I watched the NASCAR race from Kansas on TV. Sandy slept. I also repacked my carry-in bag. There was a moment of panic when I couldn't find my US money, but I had packed it in my suitcase in error. All good. I also made a reservation in a Microtel in Fairmont, West (BG) Virginia for tomorrow night. We will be in Maggie Valley Monday afternoon if everything goes according to plan.

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