Friday, May 19, 2017

Maggie Vally - Hanging Around

This morning, we didn't get up until 8:15. It seems that every morning gets later and later. While the rest of the gang mostly went to Country Vittles, we did the yogurt, nuts and cheese thing again.
I spent some time catching up on posting my receipts and trying to catch up on the blog. Soon, there was a plaintive voice outside asking "Does anyone at this MOTORCYCLE rally want to go for a MOTORCYCLE ride???" Flip was looking for someone, anyone, to go with him. Rainman answered the challenge and Renata got suited up to take a ride behind her husband on his Kawasaki Concours. The Connie is a fast bike but does not have the passenger amenities that their GoldWing has. They came back soon after and Renata announced she would only be riding on the back of the Wing from now on.

Renata preparing to take her first (and last) ride on the Connie

Cheap B and Jax

I have no idea what is going on here

Memories of rallies past

I got a bit of the blog caught up but spent more time mingling. For lunch, Willie Wonka and Carlene joined us at Pop's Place. Lunch was as good as breakfast, although Pops gave Willie some extra special customer attention when we were done.

Lunch at Pops' with Willie and Carlene

Pops demonstrating his customer relations style

Pops in his element

There were still some new people rolling in. I wrote a bit more but was still way behind.

Badger talking with recent arrival Joker

EZ and Joker catching up

We have filled this place and part of the Comfort Inn too


Wompus arrived

Renata, Sandy and Carlene

Zeke explaining something serious

Boomer and Shannon arrived

Rainman and Boomer comparing notes

Badger and Zeke

A good motto

It is Scooter and PlayThang


Family resemblance? I think not!

Wompus on Fronkenstein

EZ and Godfather discuss Vaqueros

Pappy and Cheri

The Meet and Greet was scheduled for 6:00 PM at the Maggie Valley Inn. We got down a bit early and walked around looking at the Chev SSR's that meet here the same week every year. They told me there were 109 registered this year, an impressive number considering these vehicles were an extremely limited run.

Down for the Meet and Greet Dinner

This is SSR headquarters

Even one from home

Inside the hall, they had set three tables for us. Then they needed another one for the last arrivals. We were honoured to have Hizzoner Hissownself, the one and only Judge, join us. I haven't had a chance to talk to Bob much for several years. We caught up as they brought out individual salads and then family style fried chicken, ham, fish, mac 'n cheese, green beans and rolls. It was almost impossible not to eat too much. Good food and good friends made for a memorable experience.

The latecomers' table

Here come da' Judge

They have special motorcycle parking spaces

This '99 just keeps running

At the motel, they got the fire lit early. We had live entertainment and people just hung out and visited. Various kinds of moonshine and other liquor got passed around.

Saint Montene has arrived

Butch and Thumper have the fire going early

Southern Charm and Teresa

Mikey looks like he is up to something

A brace of Equinoi (plural of Equinox)

Carlene discussing stitching options with Joker and Willie

Billy Bob and the ladies

Moon (foreground), Zeke and Hang

Pappy, Red Rover and Saint Montene

Mikey has that look again

Mike (friend of GD's), EZ and Grateful D

PlayThang and FNG Paul discuss Spyders

Mikey and Linda

A fast rider discussion

Flip's friends Amy and Dan from Ohio - Triumph Trophy riders extraordinaire

The entertainment was good

The audience was attentive

The organizer was happy

The younger generation was distracted

Toby Tyler and Billy Bob

Linda reviewing some of her many excellent photographs

Wrong Turn and KT

Butch and Teresa

Willie Wonka and The Lovely Carlene

The odd couple - Rick and Lonnie

Blondy and two different flavours of moonshine

Which is better, blackberry or pecan pie?

Southern Draw/Southern Charm's granddaughter

I went to the room and sorted photos around 10:00. Sandy went to bed, but I headed back out and found myself sitting around the fire with Jax and Oak talking about all manner of things until we finally called it a night about 1:00 AM

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