Monday, September 13, 2010

Brockville Ontario to Sudbury Ontario

Rain was approaching from the southwest when we got up. It was 42 kms from Brockville to Merrickville where Paul operated his suspension shop out of his home. I tried to hold off, hoping the front would pass through before we had to leave but I finally concluded that we would have no such luck. We suited up and the rain started just before 8:00 AM as we pulled out.

We got to Paul's place at 8:30 and Sandy settled down in the kitchen to check out Facebook and her Email while I helped Paul pull the front end apart. It was hard to get the front axle out because the good fork had slipped upwards in the triple tree in an attempt to equalize the pressure due to oil loss in the other one. Good thing I didn't ride any more than I had to.

When we got the seal out, it looked like it had been bad right from the beginning. This was the one Paul had trouble getting in back in August. The replacement went in easily and we had the whole thing buttoned up and tested by 12:30. No charge. Paul is quite the rider and maybe some day we can put some miles on together.

The clouds had rolled past and we had some blue sky so I opted not to put on the rain suits again. Heading north on Upper Dwyer Hill Road towards Arnprior, I saw the error of my ways because there were some very ugly black clouds on the horizon. We stopped on the side of Highway 7 with traffic roaring by and put the suits back on again. The largest cell had moved through by the time we stopped at McDonald's in Arnprior, but we stayed suited up just to be safe.

The weather was good to Deep River but then we encountered waves of black rain clouds interspersed with bands of blue. This kept up for the remaining 180 miles home. We stopped for a break in Sturgeon Falls and talked to a man from Quebec. He was in a car but had a newer model GL1800 at home. We arrived home safe as darkness fell.

Today's Route (336 miles):

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