Thursday, September 09, 2010

Massena New York to Pembroke New Hampshire

The rain wasn't stopping this morning even though the drizzle didn't show on the radar.  Finally, we decided that it wasn't going to get any better so we suited up and left the hotel a little after 9:00 AM.

We passed the Talon store in Constable, NY.  It was open but we didn't stop so we don't know if the old gentleman Sherm met there back in 2007 is still with us or not.  Near Chateaugay, we passed the new wind farm which was partially enveloped in a fog bank.  It was spooky to see those large turbines through the mist, almost like large silent prehistoric predators.  It would have made a great picture if Sandy hadn't stowed her camera in the trunk due to the rain.

As we came to Ellensburg, we were held up for a bit due to road construction but we didn't mind because the cloudy skies were giving way to patches of blue.  After a quick lunch in Champlain (the McDonald's Deluxe Angus Wrap is pretty good), we crossed into Vermont at Rouse's Point and followed US 2 down Grand Isle to Interstate 89.  It was cloudy again and, in Albergh, I saw a whole field of sunflowers hanging their heads.

I opted for the super slab rather than back roads because we got a late start and Vermont drivers, while very nice and polite, are slow.  We needed to make time.  BTW, the kind, liberal type Vermonters may be the best armed citizens in the US because they are the only state (take that Texas and Arizona) with no firearm regulation.

We fueled in Royalton and then almost got taken out switching from I-89 to I-91 in White River Junction while searching for the local McDonald's.  A lady we were following came to a dead stop where two on ramps merged, and then could't insert herself into the traffic stream while other cars were accelerating up behind us.  It was close and I've decided some people shouldn't be allowed to drive  out of their won neighborhoods.  But then I already knew this from long experience.

Again there was no rain on the radar, but the drizzle started just south of town.  Down near Concord, we found more patches of blue and followed the GPS to Ol' Phart Joe and Karen's home in Pembroke.  I found the house on the second try.  I didn't recognize it the first time because the driveway had been paved since the last time we were there.  The house was built about 1832 and is quite spacious.  Joe also has quite the shop above  the garage.

Joe's new GoldWing was in the garage.  His last one went off a cliff after he was hit in the head by a huge wild  turkey while riding north on US 219 in West Virginia on his way back from Maggie Valley with Lost Bob.  I can identify with both the cliff and the turkey, but not at the same time.  He showed me a new plymer product he has called Rejex (nothing sticks but the shine) and applied it to my windshield to keep the bugs from sticking.  Given the finish on Joe's Wing, I may have to get some in case I wash the bike in a moment of weakness.

Supper was steak grilled just right and salad.  Excellent repast except I now remember why I don't like blue cheese dressing.  We visited all evening and went to bed with hopes that the excellent weather forecast for tomorrow would come true.

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