Saturday, September 04, 2010

West Montrose Ontario to Woodstock Ontario and other places

We didn't sleep well last night. The rain tarp kept cracking and the trailer shook every time the heavy wind gusted. On the plus side, when we got up, Jack had coffee on. The rain let up a bit and we had a good rainbow. This is supposed to mean no more rain but this wasn't a normal day.

People gathered for Jack's coffee

Rainbow over the Kissing Bridge

The winds were still strong when it started to rain again. Heather and Tom came by and took us by car to New Hamburg for breakfast. Then we went to Woodstock to see how their new house was coming. Walls, floors, roof, roughed in plumbing and wiring. Looking good. The shingles are up on the roof ready to be installed.

Chez Heather & Tom - Woodstock Ontario

From the house, we stopped by their storage locker so Tom could drop off their golf clubs. Then we returned to Williams Coffee Pub in Waterloo to check the weather on WiFi. Bad news, the periodic bouts of rain (some severe) that we kept getting weren't going to stop any time soon. Chalk this up to more secondary effects of Hurricane Earl. Oddly, the ill effects didn't extend very far south of Highway 401.

We went back into Kitchener to check out an RV place that Sandy had noticed when we drove through. They closed at 3:00 and it was 3:30 but the owner, a nice lady, came out and showed us through several used Class C units.

Next, we drove out to Marj's Country Kitchen in Alma for supper. Marj's is a great place to eat. I had an open face hot hamburg sandwich with mushrooms and gravy on everything. It included two large patties. I ate so much that dessert was out of the question although I got a package of baked-on-site Monster Cookies to take with us.

My hot hamburg sandwich at Marj's

We drove through more heavy rain on the way back to the campground. Although the wind had died down by the time we got there, it had been severe earlier on. It even pulled the guy ropes on Lois' awning free and, as the awning flapped, it threw two of her poles into the Grand River. That's a new one to me.  Better the river than impaling some bystander, I guess.

Although the rain continued off and on, Jack got a fire going in the pit and we all sat around trying to stay warm as the temperature dropped. Then, no surprise here, Sandy and I turned in early.

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