Sunday, September 05, 2010

West Montrose Ontario to Cambridge Ontario

Today was pretty quiet. The overnight rain ended but it was a cool one and everyone huddled around Jack's big coffee urn for warmth.

Jack's coffee urn was popular once again

We rode over to Kim & Mike's to see Jolene again and spent most of thee day playing with her. I managed to catch a nap on the couch as well.

Grandma and Jolene

Jolene and Mom

About 3:45, we headed back to the campground and, after an invitation to crash on the futon in Kim & Mike's basement, we broke camp and packed up the trailer. Then we shared a very generous pot luck supper before dismantling the garage structures Peter and Lynn had brought from their place in Elmira. These two shelters were greatly appreciated given the weather we experienced this weekend.

We rode back to Kim & Mike's and parked the bike and trailer in their garage. Jolene was already in bed and, after watching a bit of TV, we followed soon after.

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