Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Buffalo New York to Sudbury Ontario

We checked the weather and saw it was -10C in Sudbury this morning. They were forecasting a high of +2 with flurries. Much as the north runs in my blood, a few more days in the sunny south would have been nice.

With the car loaded, we headed north across Grand Island to the Lewiston Bridge. At the border, the agent suggested that we must have done some shopping in eight days away. I explained that we had only spent $5.00 on goods we were bringing back this time but that they would have a lot to collect when we came back with the motor home in the spring.

Leo needed to order a speedometer cable for his bike so we stopped at the large BMW car/bike dealership in Oakville. This is a large place and even has an Internet cafe for people waiting for their vehicles. The bike area was upstairs and didn't have much selection left, but there were lots of nice cars. The only drawback to Oakville was the continued construction on the QEW. They have been working on it for 25 years. Maybe, in another 25, they will get it finished.

Taking the 403 up to the 401, we saw some strange buildings being constructed. It turns out that these are condos for the Fernwood Absolute Condo Community. It made me think off something in Dubai.

Absolute Condo Community - Mississauga Ontario

We made another stop at Costco in Barrie for gas and hot dogs. Then there was one more break at the Tim's south of Parry Sound where we saw two one ton trucks towing classic cars in enclosed trailers. They were destined for a shop in Val Caron where they say they have about twenty of these gems at any given time. We will have to go out and visit them sometime soon.

I noted on the way into Sudbury that the beaver ponds were frozen. Cold temperatures and light snow cover make for the best kind of freeze-up for sledding, not that it matters to me because my last sled is for sale. Still, I wish Normie and STP great conditions for a successful snowmobile season.

Finally we were home. It was an interesting maiden voyage and we are looking forward to more miles of smiles in the spring.

Today's Route (344 miles):

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