Friday, November 26, 2010

Action Sudbury - Red Ribbon Kickoff

As I have mentioned before, I am involved with Action Sudbury. This is a community organization established in 1984 to raise awareness of the perils of drinking and driving. One of our main programs is the annual Red Ribbon Campaign where we distribute ribbons to local drivers. They tie them to their mirrors or antennas to signify their pledge to always drive sober.

At the beginning of the festive season, we host a Red Ribbon Kickoff to highlight the campaign. We have done this for 22 years now and again returned to the very supportive Travelodge Hotel for this year's show. We had a good selection of politicians, law enforcement officers, media and members of the public attend as usual.

The hall we set up last night

City of Greater Sudbury Police Chief Frank Elsner

STOP Officers Real, Terry and Norm

Action Sudbury Chair Ron Roy as the piper plays the lament

John, victim of a drunk driver, shares his story

An attentive audience

Jessica of OSAID and the Chain of Life

Special Constable Real accepts a donation to assist with volunteer STOP Officer expenses

Amanda Elizabeth Kohls receives the Rollande Mousseau Award from Rollie herself

In addition to the speakers and presentations, we screened a video produced by the Transport Action Commission of Victoria, Australia. It is a compendium of their PSA videos produced over the last 20 years and conveys the damage done by drinking drivers in a very powerful manner. You can view it on Youtube here.

It was another successful day and I'd like to remind everyone out there to
Drive Safe, Drive Sober.

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