Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ready to Roll

It's been a busy week. We've been provisioning the motorhome and getting it outfitted with all the gear, tools, etc. that we will need. Thursday we loaded the bike, hooked up the trailer, all piled in and took it to a local truck scale and weighed it. The scale not only gives a gross weight but weights by axle. Using my Michelin tables, I was then able to calculate proper tire pressures. It worked out to 70 PSI across the board.

Adjusting the pressures proved to be a trick. I bought a heavy duty 12V compressor but the cord wouldn't reach the rear tires. Then I got a 12V extension cord but the 15A draw melted the plug. Finally, I got a 12V plug with alligator clips on the other end, ran my booster cables back from the battery and hooked the alligator clips to it and it worked perfectly.

Today, because it will be above freezing tonight, I filled the fresh water tank, set all the valves,conditioned the holding tanks and got the water system going. Now we will have working facilities right from the start.

The purpose of this trip is to make friends with the unit while we ferry it to Blondy's in Alabama where it will wait, out of the snow and ice, for us to come and get it in late February for a tour of the south. Leo and Diane are coming with us and will drive their car to Buffalo. They will leave it there and climb in with us for a break in tour of the south. Then, on the 23rd, we will fly from Birmingham back to Buffalo and drive back to Sudbury in their car.

Stay tuned to this channel for the tale of our great adventure.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful adventure! It will be nice to get out of the cold, too, in February!