Saturday, June 17, 2017

Boscobel Wisconsin - Day 3

This morning, we slept right through the ride leaving for parts unknown. Willie Wonka came down from The Sands and we spent the morning sitting in the lobby talking with whoever dropped by.

Sherm, Willie Wonka, Huge and Sandy

Today they were holding Depot Days in Boscobel. Sherm, Sandy, Willie and I wandered down to the old train station museum to see what was up. There were a lot of volunteers available to discuss the exhibits and promote the museum. The Depot Gang Model Railroad Club brought the corner sections of their modular layout, about 25% of the total they usually run in a nearby town.

Here we are at Depot Days

Sherm asking a volunteer a question

A display N Scale model railroad layout

A good depiction of the different scales

The Depot Gang HO Scale Layout

The museum had other items on display. It was nice to see pieces of local history being preserved by volunteers.

Boscobel telephone switchboard (One ringy dingy...)

Milwaukee Road bay window caboose

It was about lunch time when we were done at the depot. After considering the options, we decided that we were creatures of habit and headed back to Fennimore to take Willie to Timothy's. Our server was working in the kitchen today but Stacey took our orders. Unfortunately, she forgot to give Sherm and Willie's orders to the kitchen. Sherm decided he would skip his omelette so she gave him a complimentary visit to the salad bar. Willie found the short stack and regular stack of pancakes were the same size but all three of them looked really good.

Timothy, Timothy, where on Earth did you go?

Same table as yesterday

Many moulds


Willie had never been to Carr Valley Cheese before either, so we headed down there next.

Holstein table

Willie seems to have found a piece of tail....

I wish I could eat ice cream

Back in Boscobel, Sherm wanted a picture of the wild turkey capital sign. We found one near the Boscobel Airport. Who knew Boscobel had an airport? We also checked out the Sands Motel, which had been billing itself as booked solid on the Internet. It didn't seem like it.

Found the sign

Booked solid?

Back at the motel, we repacked our suitcases. Then we headed over to the park for a bike show, supper, comments by the mayor, door prizes and a wedding. Yes, a wedding. The inflatable sheep we autographed yesterday appeared to be enjoying itself in a sex swing. Nothing is unusual in Boscobel.

Lanny, Sandy and Sherm arrive at the park

Clever idea

Fly trying to explain the extra fuel tank

Stonewall and Lanny (dressed for dinner)

KT and Sandy

Sherm and Wrong Turn



Beth with Andrea and Lenny

Warthog and Mrs. Warthog

C.C. aka Wench aka Queen of Boscobel

Johnny Y

The Mayor of Boscobel

It was a good food line

Diners were happy

Borys aka Deerslayer from Thunder Bay

Drawing the prizes

Flash and Kopperhed, organizers of WWR XI Missouri
(Missouri Loves Company)

Bike show awards

Bierkan, Stonewall and Borys

A real wedding

We slipped away before the auction began. Back at the hotel, we hooked up the trailer, loaded the bike and stowed all of the gear except the overnight bags. I worked on the blog and got it complete up until the end of yesterday. Today's post had to settle for photographs for now, because I was tired and hit the sack before I could get any more accomplished.

Tomorrow, we head for Kingman, Arizona via Santa Fe, New Mexico and then on to Solvang, California.

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