Thursday, June 15, 2017

Boscobel Wisconsin - Prairie Du Chien and Walmart

We woke up at 5:30 AM. That was 6:30 our time but 3:30 for Sherm. We met Lanny and Stonewall at 7:30 at the Unique Cafe in downtown Boscobel for breakfast. I had a ham, mushroom and cheese omelette and a sliced tomato.

 Sherm and Sandy at the Unique

 Lanny was waiting for us

At the hotel, two rides prepared to leave. Bierkan was leading one to Prairie Du Chien (named for a Fox Indian chief whose name translated to mean dog), while Borys and Fly led the other one on a path of discovery.

Getting ready to ride

The Mighty Stonewall

Flash & Kopperhed

Borys and Mad Kaw


Fly waits while Lanny and Sherm discuss alternatives

Since all three of us needed provisions, Sandy, Sherm and I took the Equinox and drove to the WalMart in Prairie Du Chien via Wisconsin 60 and US 18. We bought water, snacks and a few other items. Then we stopped at the Dollar Tree for a couple of things. Sherm really likes Dollar Tree.

Seen leaving WalMart

Better view

We took a moment to stop and check out the Prairie Du Chien Veterans Memorial. It was quite a nice tribute to the fallen soldiers from this area starting with the War of 1812 and continuing up until today.

All the services

All the flags

Well done sculpture

Jefferson Davis and Zachary Taylor but not the famous ones

 Guarding the Pizza Hut?

Old Rock School

We continued on through town noting that there were three new traffic circles in quick succession. On the outskirts of town we turned around and headed back, stopping at Culver's so Sandy could have another caramel cashew sundae. She said the frozen custard was grainy and not as enjoyable as usual.

Culver's poster for son-in-law Mike

With the temperature pushing 90, we started back for Boscobel. Rather than take the same route, I went past SR 60 and across the river to County Road C. This was a winding joy ride along the Wisconsin River. We were supposed to turn onto SR 131 back to town but big signs proclaimed the route closed to through traffic. We went blindly cross country following County K, County T and and Sand Hill Road before connecting with 131 not far from town.

Entering Boscobel on 131

Wisconsin - just stop in the middle of the road and put the four-way flashers on

Back at the hotel, folks continued to roll in. Mama Candy from Iowa with some friends, Big Dave and Beth and friends, also from Iowa. Bucky from Colorado. It was a hot ride in for those who were on two wheels.

Sherm and Sandy greet Mama Candy

Wrong Turn & KT back from a ride

We haven't seen Big Dave in years

Beth with neighbor Leonard

Wrong Turn and Sherm help Bucky unload

Bucky and her black 900

In the nice, cool air conditioned room, I worked on the blog for a while. We realized that our AT&T cell phone connection here would provide text and data but no voice. Sherm had good service but he was roaming and wasn't sure who he was connected to.

I have to compliment Andrea on the front desk here at the River Inn. She has been faced with some challenges while accommodating our group but keeps on smiling while delivering the goods.

The website had posted that the Meet & Greet at Snick's Fin 'N Feather would start at 4:30 PM but the handouts said 5:00. We wandered over about 5:00 and found some had already settled in. Thanks to Jacqui for the opening round. Sherm had worried that there wouldn't be too many people here for the rally, but the bar was pretty much full. Later, pizza was delivered. Sherm and Lanny slipped out to go and find some healthy food down the block.

A longstanding Boscobel tradition

Note the auxiliary fuel tank on Fly's Connie

Owner's prerogative

Stonewall meets Boscobel icon BlkChrome

Wrong Turn & KT

KT explaining the local rules to Sherm and Lanny

Frozen North Rules!

Saddletramp and Borys


If Stu doesn't frighten you, nothing will

Beth, Angie and Lenny

Transcontinental VROC table

Snick serving Mad Kaw and Pecos

Lanny and Wrong Turn discussing serious issues

These folks just stopped in for a beer

What is that mark on the floor?

Fly's famous burnout from sixteen years ago

Young crowd trying for another one

Stonewall was amused

This guy has an animal on his head

After the crowd left, we looked around downtown. There were some threatening clouds in the area. The buildings have seen better days, but it is a busy little community.

We found Stonewall in front of the old train depot, which houses a museum and possibly a model railroad club. It looks like things will be going on Saturday so we will have to stop by.

The Mighty Stonewall

We'll be back

What is wrong with this picture?

See it now?

This was on the side of a local liquor store

Back at the hotel, the sun was going down and the bugs were coming out. I was extremely sleepy and did not last much past 9:00 PM, but I was up long enough to greet Willie Wonka when he arrived from southern Illinois. Willie was, unfortunately, consigned to the Sands Motel because the River Inn was booked solid. The Sands used to be party central but, due to some difficulties with the owners, the River Inn became the new home of the rally.

Today's Route (63 Equinox miles):

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