Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Solvang California - Little Horses, Jalama Beach and Canyons

Sherm's Samsung Android phone stopped working this morning. Every time he selected the phone app, at told him that "Caller ID Had Stopped". He finally fixed it. Most of the Google searches for a fix detailed five steps. It turned out that it was a six step process. Once he found a page written by someone who knew how to describe things, all was well.
Olsen's Bakery, where we usually get our complimentary motel breakfast, was closed this morning. They shut down last night and were completely renovating the place with the intent of opening tomorrow morning. We had coffee and Danish's available in the motel office instead. We also went to Paula's Pancake House, next to Olsen's and the #3 place to eat in Solvang, for a sit down breakfast. I had a ham steak and scrambled eggs while Sandy had a Danish pancake.

A good place for breakfast

Cranky, Penmaker and VSP beat us there

Sandy's Danish pancake

My ham steak and scrambled eggs with rye toast and sliced tomato

VSP stands on guard

Penmaker and Phil getting ready to ride

We headed out for a ride at 10:30. For some reason, I ended up leading again. We went through town and turned on Alamo Pintado Road. The first stop was at the Quicksilver Ranch to visit the miniature horses. There weren't as many as usual.

This fellow was about the size of a large dog

Mama and baby

Our next stop was the traditional visit the the lavender barn. Imagine our surprise when we got there and the sign said they were closed. We thought they might have gone out of business, but a Google search revealed that Tuesday was their day off. We decided to come back another day.

No lavender today

I led us out to 154 and we continued on with no destination in mind. There were thoughts that we might go to Cold Spring Tavern, but it was too early for lunch. We stopped at a scenic lookout over Lake Cachuma and discussed our options.

Lake Cachuma

I have no idea what I was trying to convey

Sandy is still smiling

VSP, who was following us in his Camry, wanted to go and get a Jalama (pronounced Halama) burger. This delicacy was, apparently, found at Jalama Beach on the coast. The others had been there before, but that must have been on the years we weren't here. We headed back through Solvang to Buellton.

Apparently, I have a business in Solvang

Solvang grows all kinds of pretty trees

There are many overseas tourists here

The Danish architecture is all over Solvang

Don and the Camry led us to Santa Rosa Road, which wound its was over to Highway 1 south of Lompoc. Don had relinquished the lead before we got to the intersection and Phil took over on his red Indian. We went south a short ways on Highway 1 and then turned on Jalama Road. The illuminated sign told us it was only 14 miles to the beach.

Rolling hills along Santa Rosa Road

Ever present vineyards

Groves of live oak trees

Only 14 miles to the beach

Finally, the Pacific

Descent towards the beach

We made it

There was a fee to use the beach. RV's and surfers were all over but we just wanted to visit the restaurant so they gave Phil a pass to get validated when we placed our order. They took our orders and we went and sat at a table to wait for our numbers to be called. We were warned that we would need our tickets to get our food. They appeared to cook in batches because they would call a series of about four numbers and then there would be a long gap. Sherm, Sandy and I came at the end of a long gap after everyone else in our group had already finished. It was a good burger, on par with Moonlight, Illinois. It was nice to see the California beach culture, too.

Sandy asked VSP if she could ride back to Solvang in the Camry. Sherm and Penmaker decided to go straight back to Solvang. I volunteered to lead Cranky and Phil on a ride through the newly repaved Drum Canyon Road and Ballard Canyon.

Getting ready to leave Jalama Beach

The AMTRAK rail line goes by here

Sandy's photo from the Camry

When we reached Highway 1, Penmaker and Sherm turned right while Cranky, Phil and I turned left towards Lompoc. Then we followed 246 to Drum Canyon Road and turned north. The first few miles were flat and in good shape. Then we got to where it narrowed and started to climb. It soon became apparent that someone (VSP if we were to mention a name) had lied to us when he told us about the new surface. It was still as rough and broken as it was the last time we were here. I stopped and we conferred and decided we could handle the 4 remaining miles to Los Alamos. Cursing the person who told us this was fixed helped us on our way.

From Los Alamos, we took 101 to 154 and then on to Ballard Canyon Road. This started very tight but then opened up into a pleasant ride. We got back to the Inn at 3:45, where we found Jack and Barb had arrived from Holbrook, Arizona.

Welcoming Barb and Jack

Our group dinner was planned for t6:15 tonight at AJ Spurs in Buellton. We rode over as a group and found they had a table set for us. Sandy had a 6 oz. filet while I had a 12 oz. sirloin with mushroom. Many, many mushrooms. I had to bring some of my steak home.

Group photo at AJ Spurs

Bear and salmon

Can't tell if VSP likes it or not

The group dinner at AJ Spurs

Sandy's filet

My sirloin buried in mushrooms

I fueled the bike on the way back in anticipation of our ride to San Luis Obispo tomorrow. Then it was back to the Inn where we sat out and reminisced over a drink. I seldom drink but when I do it is Eagle Rare bourbon. Then we went to the room and turned in at our usual early hour.

Today's Route (122 motorcycle miles):

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