Sunday, June 25, 2017

Kingman Arizona to Barstow California

Today was Half Christmas. June 25th, six months since, six months until. It was also departure day for Solvang. Sherm had booked a room at the Super 8 in Barstow, California (the half way point) for tonight. We said our goodbyes and thanks to Pat and were on the road by 6:50 AM. Sherm set the pace with the four cylinder Toyota.

It looks like it is trying to rain on Kingman

Following the shiny new trailer

I-40 construction out of Kingman

It was 89F at 7:00 AM. By 7:15 as we headed out into the desert, it was 99. The first stretch was downhill and the DIC told me I got 23.4 MP(US)G for a 25 mile stretch at 65 MPH. That was the best mileage I have ever recorded towing a trailer with this vehicle over that distance.

We stopped at the Lake Havasu exit and fueled up at the Pilot, our last non-California gas for a while.

Fuel stop

Soon, we crossed the Colorado River and entered The Golden State. The Agricultural Inspection Station passed us through with only two questions. Where were we coming from and what was in the trailer? It was 104 as we passed Needles. Sandy and I recalled the first time we were here in 1978 on our 1976 GL1000, braving the 119 degree heat of the Mojave day.

I-40 in California had a 70 MPH speed limit unless you were a truck or a car hauling a trailer. Then it was 55, which was probably a good speed for a four cylinder Toyota hauling a flat front enclosed trailer into a head wind.

Approaching the California border

Crossing the Colorado River

California here I come.....

Agricultural inspection station

Sherm's shiny fenders reflect too well

We made a quick pit stop in Ludlow and Sandy got a smoothie at the Dairy Queen. There were two motorcycles there and, with the 105 degree wind blowing like someone had left the oven door open, we were happy to be WHORE's (We Haul Our Rides Everywhere).

Sherm said this used to be a nice cafe

No motel chains here

At Newberry Springs, we left I-40 in favour of Old Route 66. Then we turned right at Daggett and went north to Peggy Sue's 50's Diner. The place was packed so we just did a walk through. I spoke to some British tourists from Manchester who had flown into Los Angeles yesterday and were heading for Utah. One fellow said he hadn't seen heat like this since Kuwait thirty years ago.

Old Route 66

We should go there

Turn right here

We are here

 Sandy finds the one spot of shade

For Cheryl

Also for Cheryl

Scenery Along I-40 Across The Mojave Desert

Leaving Peggy Sue's, we took I-15 south through Barstow to the Flying J, where we fueled up. On the way, we were held up for a bit by a traffic jam that seemed to not have a visible cause. Sherm was surprised that his truck only got 12 MPG for the day's travel. Having towed different trailers in recent years, I wasn't surprised at all.

I-15 traffic jam

Famous Barstow Station

We went back into Barstow and found the Super 8. We were early but the young lady on the desk was going to check us in until the computer system failed as she was entering the transaction. She said we would have to come back after 2:00 PM when the manager was on duty.

Since we had some time on our hands, we went to the railway terminal and museum.

Mural in Barstow

This fellow is packing at 109F

BNSF Railway yard

The Harvey House hosts the Amtrak station, the Western America Railroad Museum and the Route 66 Museum. It was the latter that we were here to check out. Admission was free but donations were welcome.

Sherm found a friend

1964 1/2 Mustang

1931 Harley 74

I started with one similar to this at INCO

Bill and Lavella

I wondered how they were enjoying the heat

We drove back to the Super 8 and found a new fellow on the desk. He was young, bearded and full of attitude. He said we could not split the bill between two credit cards despite having done it at countless places before. Their computer system was supposedly different from other Super 8 properties. Then Sherm's request for a ground floor room was lost somewhere. Not even an apology.
But we could not cancel this late, so we made the best of a bad situation. The room was OK, other than being up an outside flight of stairs but I can't recommend this place.

Trailers parked out back

For supper, we walked over to IHOP. It was a good thing it was close by in this heat. I had a patty melt and Sandy had a very good roasted turkey sandwich with cheese and bacon on marbled rye bread.

What's cooking? California!!

Is this like Hotel California?

Note the two gas stations

Mobil is $3.699 per gallon

 USA Gasoline is $2.759

Why would anyone buy gasoline at this Mobile station? What was I missing?

Back at the room, I worked on the blogs and almost got caught up. Just today's to finish. Then it was off to bed quite early where Jeff Shaara's second book on WW II awaited.

Today's Route (231 Equinox miles):

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