Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Maggie Valley North Carolina - SEVROC Day Zero - Bryson City

Sandy and I walked over to Pop's Place around 8:00 AM. Most of the other early birds were already there, while Zeke and Hang joined us soon after. Once again, I had the three meat omelet and sliced tomatoes because I seem to be becoming a creature of habit. On the way out, we talked to some Arkansas riders including one on a Rogue (Vulcan 2000).

Zeke looking bright eyed and bushy tailed this fine morning

Back at the room, I checked The Weather Network and found it was 10 C (50 F) here while it was 14 C (57 F) back in Sudbury. I tackled the photos, blogs and receipts for a while. Some of the riders left for Cherokee. Sandy's back was hurting, so we rode over to the Walgreens Pharmacy in Bryson City looking for something to ease the pain. CC Rider rode with us. We bypassed the construction in Cherokee using back roads Southern Draw showed to me a couple of years ago.

Heading for Cherokee

Not many left

We got several patches to try on Sandy's back. One used capsaicin while another used lidocaine. We also got a heating pad. On the way out of town, we stopped at the BBQ Wagon for lunch and, when we came out, we saw five fire engines, an ambulance and a police cars heading east on US 19. Hoping they were not responding to a road closing wreck, we followed them only to find a house fire on the outskirts of town. Southern Draw, a Bryson City resident, said that the emergency services dispatch everything they have for every incident to dispel boredom.

Lunch at the BBQ Wagon

On the way back, we stopped at Two Rivers Lodge to see Blain and Kathy. We were sorry we would not be staying there next week, but it was good to see them. If anyone is in this area, we highly recommend their place.

We left Two Rivers and rode US 19 into Cherokee. From there, we went north on US 441 and got on the Blue Ridge Parkway to Soco Gap and then down into Maggie Valley, arriving not long after 2:00 PM.

BRP - Pickup truck pulled over shortly after we caught him

The Blue Ridge Parkway is nice with no one ahead of you

Peaceful and fun

With more than a few tunnels

Lots of motorcycles enjoy this road

This trike did not pull over so he got passed

People had arrived while we were gone and more pulled in after we got back.

Our boy Southern Draw (Bill)

Stockbridge Richard


No idea who had this beautiful RV

Butch & Teresa

Lonnie and Charlie (CC Rider)

Teresa and Red Rover

Butch & Mikey

Kicking back

Tbone has arrived

Cargo and Flip

Teresa, Butch & Shannon

Flip and Talon

EZ has arrived

This green Vaquero is not stock

Joker and Talon

The girls arrived from Texas

Debbie and Vickie unloading the bikes

Some of the people went to the Blue Rooster for supper. Zeke had made a reservation for he, Hang, Sandy and I at Frankie's Italian Trattoria, a few miles down the road. We left in their van about 6:15. The place was packed and they showed us to a booth near the bar, which was packed with stylish young and not so young folks looking like they were trying to hook up. The food was good and we had a good time reminiscing about old TV shows and movies. Sandy and I both  had panini's, sharing a Caesar salad and an order of sauteed mushrooms.

Zeke's licence plate

Hungry people

Waiting for our table.

When we were done, we got in the car and drove back to the motel. That was the point that I realized I had left my Canon T6 DSLR camera with the Sigma 18-250 lens and BlackRapid strap on the bench in the booth. Zeke drove me back and, as I was heading inside, a total stranger leaving with his lady said "Hey man, you forgot your camera. The server has it." Inside, the Maitre D' said "I'll get your camera." I had not said one word. Must have been the tie-dyed shirt that stuck in their memory?

Sandy and I settled down in the room and watch three hours of the Survivor finale. Actually, two hours of finale and one of reunion. Congratulations, Chris. Then I turned in because the episode of Game of Thrones I missed on Sunday would be playing on HBO here at 3:00 AM.

Today's Route (60 motorcycle miles):

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