Friday, May 17, 2019

Maggie Valley North Carolina - SEVROC - Day Two - Nowhere in Particular

We woke up about 7:30 AM to the sound of thunder and heavy rain. A squall line was passing through, but did not stay long.

Our brief morning storm

We had decided to do breakfast at Clyde's Restaurant in Waynesville this morning. Sandy and I discovered this place last year with Linda and Billy Bob. It appeared to cater more to locals than tourists and offers excellent food at reasonable prices. Linda and Bob weren't here this year, but we introduced Willie Wonka & The Lovely Carlene, Zeke & Hang and Laura & Bill to the place. The ground was still wet when we left Maggie Valley at 8:30, so we took two cars.

A few low lying clouds in Maggie Valley

On the way over, the other side of US 74 was totally blocked as police cars and fire trucks oversaw the loading of one car with minor damage on a roll back truck. The suggestion that any incident triggers total mobilization of emergency responders once again appeared to be accurate.

A minor fender bender caused this traffic jam

Clyde's was busy when we got there but the staff found us two adjacent tables for four as soon as we walked in. I gave up trying to watch my diet for the rest of the trip and just enjoyed. Sandy and I had the 2 x 4 selection. Two hot cakes, two scrambled eggs, two generous strips of bacon and two sausage links. I should not have been eating hot cakes but they were oh-so-good.

A favourite place to eat in Waynesville NC

The 2 x 4 breakfast

Carlene and Willie chowing down

As we were finishing, Mikey, Linda and Tbone wandered in.

I lost Zeke when I left by what was only supposed to be an entrance. He read the signs and left the correct way. The weather was clearing as we drove back to the motel.

Looks like the day will be OK after all

Sandy's back was still bothering her so we decided that we would leave the bike parked today. She said that it didn't hurt when we were riding, but it seemed to be worse after every ride. More people kept rolling in so there was a lot to keep us busy.

Jax has organized SEVROC in Maggie Valley since 2006. He recently met Angie, a lovely lady from the Lone Star State and has asked her to marry him. He will be moving to Texas, so questions had arisen about future SEVROC events. There was some discussion and consensus was that we like Gabi and Rob here at A Holiday Motel. The bare minimum that we need to keep the gathering going is a date and a place. With these thoughts in mind, I spoke to Rob and blocked out the motel for the same dates next year. Frills are not required but any members who want to organize them will be welcomed.

Mikey is always selling TICKETS!!!

Willie helping Boomer diagnose a loose crash bar (from tying down)

Kudzu, one of Caleb's less savoury role models

Mrs. Kudzu, Mrs. Skid and Mrs. Boomer

Clan Scooter (Heather, Jan and Scooter ) and Phillip

The infamous Wompus and Tbone

Willie demonstrating Carlene's handiwork

Pop's was now open some evenings and was advertising prime rib today. We wanted to be sure we got seats and meats, so we went down before opening. When the door lock clicked, we moved right in and arranged the tables to fit our group.

No longer just breakfast and lunch

Sherm knows these shirts
Wish you were here, old friend

Pop's smoker

Zeke, Bill and Laura

Sandy, Hang and Zeke

Deb (Bubbles)

Caleb, Tbone and Phillip

Even Maggie stopped by (this is her valley)

Most of us had the prime rib. After supper, the gang made good use of the rocking chairs outside their rooms.

Red Rover & Deb

Wompus (One of a kind)

The supper crew relaxing

A high point of the afternoon was when Blondy, who said she was not going to be able to make it, arrived. She had managed to get off work early and showed up n her snazzy Mercedes Benz work clothes.

Hang and Sandy greeting Blondy

There was a car show across the road, which was probably why the rates at the Comfort Inn were so atrocious for the weekend. This was new last year, but they had a lot more cars this time around. We decided to take an evening stroll through the motel parking lot to see what we could see. And we saw a lot. Willie explained some of the finer points of custom car building to the rest of us.

Our headquarters across the road

BTW, this was the 21st year of SEVROC. We celebrated the 20th last year but Gabi was improperly instructed by some Canadian who seemed unable to count.

The clan gathered around the fire and enjoyed the evening. Mikey sold more tickets. I eventually retired to the room to sort out some photos and notes because I was, as usual, falling behind.

"The Token Vulcan"

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