Monday, May 20, 2019

Thoughts on the 2019 SEVROC trip.....

We endured a long, cold, snowy winter waiting for this travel season to begin. It was good to finally get out of town. It was good to ride in the mountains again. Most of all, it was good to share times with old friends.

As I mentioned before, this was our 129th gathering with members of our VROC family in the last two decades. I recall things that seem like yesterday and am surprised to realize that they happened ten, fifteen or twenty years ago. This brings home the fact that there are way more years behind us than ahead of us.

With the medical issues that we have accumulated in our lives, I have to wonder how many travel years we have ahead of us. I wonder how long we (particularly me) can get health insurance to travel outside Canada. The recent passing of Lucky Al and Gambler, along with the long list on the VROC In Memoriam page, our mortality is underscored. The number of future gatherings is finite and decreasing.

One thing that we need to address if we want to extend our run is fitness. Sandy and I have been very sedentary of late. I am sure this has contributed to her back pain issues, plus we are both feeling more fatigue than we should. I had managed to, once again, get below 200 pounds and improve my blood sugar numbers before we left home but, as happened on the trip last September, I fell off the wagon and all the numbers got worse by the time I got home. No doubt, given the great food we found along the way. Healthy eating and some cardio are in order for both of us.

So we will make an effort to do better in the future so we will have more of a future.

The last issue to summarize here is what I call Blog Lag. As any trip ends, my resolution to keep the blog up in a timely manner fades and my last posts are actually made later (sometimes much) than they should be. If I can get the better photos/less words idea put into practice, I will probably enjoy it more.

So that sums it up for now. To our VROC family, thanks for being there. Life wouldn't be the same without you. To our blood family, we love you all and will see you soon. Time to get back to the gym and play some golf before it is time to hit the road again.

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