Saturday, May 11, 2019

Woodstock Ontario - Fiona's Birthday Party

The alarm went off at 7:00 AM. We had the hotel breakfast (I had sausage patties and eggs) about 7:40. It was quiet until 8:00, when a whole raft of people poured off the elevator. I guess that was the magic time to meet and eat.

We got to Heather's just after 8:00 AM. By 9:45, we were ready to get moving. Sandy and I went with Heather and Jasper while Tom took Fiona. Our list took us to Dollarama, the florist and north to the home of the cake baker. As usual, the cake looked spectacular. Then we went to the hall.

Pioneer Rooms is a Norwich Township community facility that included an old church. It sits right next to a fire station and has several halls and a kitchen.

Next door to Pioneer Rooms

Pioneer Rooms

Pessimists with no experience

An empty hall

After a little set up work

The cake looked amazing

The party started at 2:00 PM. Bee's were the theme. There were crafts and games for the kids. Food consisted of sandwich, cheese and fruit trays. The cake icing was an very sweet and superb butter cream (I cheated and had a bit). Then Fiona opened her gifts, assisted (whether she wanted the help or not) by her brother Jasper and pretty much everyone else.

There was a nice outdoors area behind the hall

The Birthday Girl

Other grandma Zofia

Robyn likes looking after her cousin

Jasper getting right into the game

C.J.'s crafts table making crowns

Everyone looks involved

Kim and Sandy

Grandson Jasper's bee crown

Tom's mother Zofia and brother Wojtek

You're all looking at me

Rose to the challenge

And enjoying the spoils

The gift table had grown

Someone was upset that the gifts weren't for them

The adults watched the whole show

Once the gifts were opened, the guests started to wander away. As they went, we stacked chairs and folded tables until there was just us and the hall was the way we had found it.

Old safe photo for Sherm

Back home, Sandy and I took our car and went to Canadian Tire because she had forgotten our bedbug spray and RV toilet paper for the portable in the trailer. We have only ever encountered the dreaded bedbugs once in our travels, but she likes to be prepared just in case. I was ragging on her for forgetting things until she suddenly realized that I had forgotten the folding chairs. One more thing for our US Walmart shopping list, and it knocked me down a notch.

We fueled at a Petro Can using a gift card I have been carrying around. Then we got supper for the family at Subway. Back to basics with a chopped salad for me. And Heather. And Tom. Sandy had a sandwich, as did the kids.

We came back to the hotel after we ate. The first order of business was to hook up the trailer. We have 600 miles to go tomorrow and I want to be ready for and early departure. Then we went to the room where Sandy went to bed while I sorted photos, reviewed notes and wrote two days worth of blog posts. Then I posted my receipts for the day. By 11:00 PM, I was ready for bed, too.

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