Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mall Display Redux

John, Sandy and I headed for the Mall in the AM. After a quick breakfast at Timmy's, we joined the crew. In the picture, Gary Venturi and Henri Belanger guard the display while Shirley supervises from behind the table.

We spent most of the day talking to the public, who seemed both interested and receptive. Hopefully, they will look twice when driving.

I did go over and check out the Mining Week displays. A very pretty young lady working the Vale Inco booth turned out to be an Environmental Analyst who makes frequent use of the mainframe computer system Donna Halverson and I built back in 1985. Care and feeding of this system kept me busy until I retired and I'm pleased that it is still providing service even though I may be forgotten:-)

The Mall closed at 6:00 and, shortly after, we had the complete display torn down and loaded onto Gord's trailer. Done for another year, although the turntable will form the main part of a merry-go-round on or Santa Claus Parade float in November.

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