Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Annual Mall Display

To promote Motorcycle Awareness Week, the Freedom Riders Motorcycle Association traditionally sets up a display in the New Sudbury Shopping Centre. We don't sell anything or raise funds. The whole purpose is to remind the public that motorcycles are back on the road and ask people to look twice so they don't run over us.

For those who ride, we hope to make them aware of the club and the benefits of being a member.

Tonight, we set the display up after the mall closed. The crew worked like a well oiled machine. The bike is Rob Lemieux's 1100 Yamaha V-Star and the shiny diamond plate it is sitting on is a rotating turntable built by our resident mechanical genius, Gord Bailey.

The display will operate Friday and Saturday, during which time we expect to speak to many interested passers-by. Sandy and I won't be there tomorrow since we will be on a quest to retrieve the Wing from Wasaga Beach, but we will be working the display on Saturday.

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