Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sudbury to the Soo and Back

My brother Dave (Rabbi) has been visiting Mom in the Soo for the last month and I still hadn't gotten down to see him. Also, Mom hadn't had her motorcycle ride yet this year, so it was time to go for a ride.

Despite prior good forecasts, the weather radar last night had shown a squall line approaching from the west. Luckily, by morning, it appeared to have gone through. Despite a solid headwind, the 300 km ride down Highway 17 to Sault Ste. Marie was uneventful. The only point of interest was a brush wolf (Algonquin or eastern wolf) that walked across in front of me near Walford.

I arrived at Mom's at about 11:15 AM. Rabbi and I spent some time visiting. He's looking good, and a whole lot better than back in 2005 when he was suffering from undiagnosed Addison's Disease. The meds that make up for his dysfunctional adrenal gland seem to be doing the job. We talked politics, work (his, not mine), fishing, golf and other things.

Then it was time to take Mom out for her ride. We got her installed on the back seat of the Wing and got Sandy's helmet on and headset connected. It was brisk as we went up the Second Line, Old Garden River Road and Landslide Road to the Sixth Line. I never even knew there was a Sixth Line. Then we took a short jaunt up Highway 17 to Heyden, where we saw a good-sized pair of delta wings on a flatbed truck. Back down 17 (running to the red-line in the first two gears, we went home via Fourth Line and People's Road. Mom seemed to enjoy it and I really like getting her out when I can.

After a bit more visiting with Rabbi, I headed for home about 3:00 PM. Again uneventful, but I caught up with those delta wings, escorted by two of the most professional pilot car drivers I have ever seen, near Spanish. I raised them on the CB and found the wings were destined to become part of a brand new Challenger jet. I never knew the wings were assembled elsewhere since this is the first set I've seen on the road.

I got in about 7:00 PM, dry all day.

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