Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Getting Ready For Interlochen

It was time to get ready for our annual Great Lakes VROC Interlochen Rally. This has been billed as the "Most Laid Back VROC Rally", a title that is hard to dispute. For at least ten years, a group of us have gathered at Cycle-Moore Motorcycle Campground near the quaint but musically famous village of Interlochen, Michigan. There are no planned  activities or agendas. Last year was the first we had missed due to the injury to my leg. This year the date has been moved to one week earlier, just one week after the Freedom Rally.

Long time friend, Freedom Rider and VROC member Leo was going with us this year. He attended one other year when he was riding his Nomad. This time we would load both of our GL1800's into the new trailer and take the motorhome (since it was just sitting in the driveway anyway). Freedom Riders Gary and Dianne V. were supposed to come as well towing their Honda VTX 1300 in their utility trailer plus, set up for living after the bike is unloaded. Unfortunately, Gary called today and said they would not be able to make it due to some family issues.

We made a trip down to Mine Mill Campground to get the trailer. With it back home, I moved the motorhome out onto the street and hooked up. This morning, Larry's installed an electric trailer brake controller in the RV so that the trailer, loaded with two Wings and weighing close to 4,000 pounds, would contribute to any required slowing down.

Leo showed up with his Wing and I set the Condor chocks to where I thought they would work best. First, my bike went in and I tied it down with the usual straps from under the seat. With the mirrors folded in, it just  cleared the left wall. Then I rode Leo's bike in and set it in the chock, which was offset rearward by about a trailer door width. Both bikes could have gone in side by side but it would have been harder to walk between them and this left room to climb in through the side door. I had planned to tie Leo's down from the same points under the seat I used, but removing his side covers was  problematic due to rear floorboard adjusting plates and driver backrest mounts. Also, the lack of a tie down strip along the wheel wells limited where the eye bolts could be installed, so I used helper straps to the triple clamp in a more traditional manner.

The bikes were finally loaded and the other trailer gear was aboard. There was still a lot of room remaining in what has proven to be a huge hauler.  Then I parked the RV and trailer on the street in anticipation of an early departure tomorrow.

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