Monday, August 06, 2012

19th Annual Freedom Rally

The 19th Annual Freedom Rally is now history. This year, I was Rally Director and was really beat when we finally got home today. Reports from guests indicate that they had a good weekend. Deepest thanks to the many Freedom Riders who rose to the challenge of making this a successful event.

Sandy and I took the RV down to stay in (it was just sitting in the driveway with a For Sale sign on it) and used the new utility trailer as  the club office for the event. The city lifted the fire ban Friday just in time for the burning to begin. On Saturday, we shared the grounds with Sudbury's Jamaican community as they celebrated Jamaican Independence Day while we had 27 bikes out on the Magical Mystery Tour. Sunday, we had motorcycle games in the field before the caterer served a buffet for 130 people. Monday, members pitched in, the site was cleaned and all our gear was moved back to our club sheds in Hanmer well before lunch.

I didn't seem to get the camera out but Gary L. has posted some photos in the club Picasa album. I did get a couple of shots:

John  from Cochrane travels in style

 Jamaican parade arrives on Saturday

So now it is all over (except for the balancing of the books) until next year.

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