Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sudbury Ontario to Gananoque Ontario via Ottawa (preliminary)

The story will be along shortly. In the meantime, enjoy a few photos from a very busy day.

Sudbury to Ottawa

The start of heavy construction east of Bissett Creek

They are going full bore on this project


The asphalt spreader

Fresh blacktop

Being rolled

And the ST rider decides to get moving

Canadian military student driver

A whole group of them

Looks like we've got us a convoy

Passing some in Chalk River

I have no idea what this trailer is

Never ending construction in Arnprior

Lots of room in the new trailer

Ottawa to Rockport

US military convoy southbound on 416

Thousand Islands

Getting tickets

A three hour cruise? Gilligan?

Canadian Coast Guard

Our cruise boat

Sandy on the top deck

And inside where she decided to stay

Unknown but very posh residence

Zavikon Island

Supposedly the shortest International Bridge

Looks like a mobile home on a rock

Lighthouse with Alexandria Bay NY in the background

Boldt Castle Powerhouse

Boldt Castle

Boldt Castle dock area

Boldt Castle Main Gate

Boldt Castle Alster Tower 

Boldt Castle southern face

Norwegian gas tanker (note NO SMOKING lettering)

When I win the lottery

Cherry Island mansion

Another Cherry Island mansion

Someone must be Italian

No, this is my lottery prize

Lots of big places here

And some nice smaller ones, too

Afternoon pop-up cells are building

Skydeck Tower

Thousand Islands Bridge

Rockport Ontario

The Rockport General Store

The two castle tour looks like fun

It doesn't get any better than this


How about this, Scotty......

Canuckian Memphis style BBQ

Lemonade in a mason jar

A very generous pound of brisket

And a pound of side ribs

But it is obviously still in Canadia

That sums it up

Centennial Park, Gananoque Ontario


Hiding under the corner of the sculpture


Park in front of town hall

Even the fire hydrants have personality


Old building

New bas-relief on old building

Today's Route (387 Avalanche miles):

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