Friday, September 14, 2018

Eureka Springs VROC Reunion Day 4 - Hot Sauce's BBQ

In what was becoming a tradition or a habit (or we were stuck in a rut), a few of us headed over to The Gazebo again for the breakfast buffet. We had two tables in the back room this time. Donna and her daughter had returned from days off and remembered us from last year.

Jack and Barb 4E stopped by in their Minnie Winnie motor home on their way from Holbrook, Arizona to Baltimore to visit grandkids. They would be taking the Great River Road north on the way but were staying for the night.

Barb and Sandy

Who let Lucky Al behind the wheel?

Jack 4E and Blondy

Zeke and I planned to take a little ride and the ladies were kind enough to come along. Bill opted to join us on his Harley trike. We headed west on US 62, a truly delightful motorcycle road, to the crossroads at Gateway.

US 62 west of Eureka Springs

I never noticed this before

Road surfaces change at the county lines

No frost heaves here

From Gateway, we headed north into Missouri and followed Highway 112 to Cassville. After a short hop over on Highway 76, we rode down that stretch of 86 that I raved about a couple of days ago and then stopped at Uncle Ray's in Eagle Rock.

Crossing the line...

We turned right

Eventually, he pulled over

Vertical curves

That stretch of Missouri 86

No straight stretches

Intuitively, you know there is a curve coming up

Uncle Roy's in the middle of nowhere

The pause that refreshes (and lets me debug one more thing in the GPS)

From Roy's, we rode Missouri 86 east across the south part of the state and then caught Highway 13 to Blue Eye, Once we got to Oak Grove, Arkansas, we took 103 to Green Forest. I had never ridden this road before and was curious. It was nothing special but there was almost no traffic on it.

For sale - interesting colour

This thing made pretty good time

Green Forest Arkansas

From Green Forest, we returned to Berryville and Eureka Springs on US 62.

Arkansas countryside

More countryside

And still more

Back at Stonegate, Sherm had fixed the issue regarding not being able to transfer photos from his new phone to his computer via USB cord. Amazingly, both cords he had tried were defective. Third cord was a charm. He was certainly pleased to get it all working again. He was leaving tomorrow morning and had been spending much of the day getting his gear packed and ready to roll early.

Laura's Bill makes knives. Very nice knives. I finally decided which one I wanted and we did the deal.

A selection of Bill's knives

This is the one I chose

The smoker was going full bore as Scott (Hot Sauce) and Scott (MoParMan) and their assistants worked to feed the multitudes. People were hanging out enjoying the smell of smoking meat and waiting for the group photo.


Hot Sauce


Gambler and Hancock

Sandy and Six Pack Jack

Yolanda (aka Linda) and Paul from Connecticut

Roomies Blondy and Wild Rose

Guests David and Shawna with Sheila

The grey beards, Lanny and Lucky Al

Rainman, Wench, Newby Paul and Red Rover

Magellan and Duck

Hancock looks pretty mellow

Famed moto-journalist Teri and hotel manager Calvin ready for the group photo

The official group photo

Today was rally shirt day and many of us like the tie-dyed option. They also wanted a photo of this sub group to show the vendor and Sherm obliged.

It looks like some paint cans exploded

The food was ready soon after the photo was done. Once again, Sandy was at the head of the line while I was further back because I got distracted as usual.

Grill masters at work

Happy diners

The line was orderly

Turkey, ribs, pulled pork and brisket

My plate (yes, that is corn bread)

Gambler presented Hot Sauce with the mate to the mug Bubbles gave Margot yesterday. It had a photo of their late, great blue heeler Australian cattle dog) Taz on it.

When the eating was done, folks gathered around for the raffle drawing. There were many prizes in the regular draw. A good number were donated by Riders of Kawasaki while members brought others. We won two water bottles, two neck wraps and a mallet. Then there was a separate draw for a matched pair of green handled knives made by Bill and engraved for the 19th Annual Reunion. Miss Kay from Texas won those. I don't recall who won the free two days at The Stonegate for next year's reunion.

The final draw, the 50/50,  was for half the raffle proceeds. The price was around five hundred dollars. Wench's guest, New Guy Paul, won and, in true VROC style, donated his winnings to the charity the Reunion was supporting.

Zeke and Hang

CC Rider

Indiana and Kentucky

Ice Cream and a truly stylish hat

Freya helped Laura and Bill with the drawing

The anticipation was palpable

Have you ever seen more excited folks?

I love these folks

Red Rover and Cassie

Gambler Clan and friends

Hancock, JR and a mallet

Stonewall took Wench for a Wing ride

I mingled later than usual. Some folks were leaving in the morning so it was time for some goodbyes. Others would be staying another day. Sherm was already asleep by the time I got back to the room at 10:30. There was not even time to sort photos so I wrote the blog an IOU and went to bed.

Today's Route (107 motorcycle miles):

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