Monday, September 10, 2018

Eureka Springs VROC Reunion Day Zero - Arrival day

We arrived at the Stonegate (or STAWN-e-gat, as the GPS says it) Lodge at 11:00 AM. The rally didn't officially start until Tuesday, but Sherm, organizer Laura, her fellow Bill and Lucky Al and a few others were already in residence. It took no time at all to unload the bike, park the trailer and move all our luggage into our room.

Welcome to Stonegate

The parking lot will soon be full

Bill and Laura

The first order of business was a trip to Walmart in Berryville. We took the Equinox because Sherm doesn't have a bike with him and Lucky Al needed beer and Gatorade. We also stopped at the Verizon store so Sherm could ask about how to do wired file transfers from his new S9+ phone. It seemed newer and better meant arbitrarily removing some features that people used.

Back at the ranch, the Gambler clan arrived including young Freya, who was now four years old. Sherm laid out some motorcycle items he brought to sell.

Sherm's discount motorcycle sales

E-commerce - Sherm depositing a photo of a cheque

Too bad Sandy already has new riding and rain jackets

Freya looking for bubble wrap to pop

The 2018 rally shirts are pretty subdued

Brandon and guest (his wife's sister's husband David)

Bill always looks good in photos

More people rolled in as the day went by.

Liz (Mrs. Watchman) and Lucky Al

Watchman and Gambler

Kay and Vickie check out Bubbles wares as Lucky Al examines a blade

Things you don't want to meet in a dark alley

Magellan has arrived

The formal greeting

And Cassie is here, too

Getting comfortable in the shade

Bubbles and the merchandise

Hot Sauce, Margot and Lady arrive from Oklahoma

Does Lady like children?


Watchman preaching to the multitudes

A group of us decided to go to Myrtie Mae's at the Best Western of the Ozarks, a local fixture for years. They have a large soup and salad bar and an a la carte menu. They set a table for eleven of us in short order. I had a mushroom Swiss burger with no bun and the salad bar. Sandy had the same.

Happy diners

Lanny arrived after we got back

Today's bugs on Lanny's 1833 Goldwing

We mingled on the new deck that Stonegate built. Then Laura and Bubbles brought out a chocolate birthday cake and the sang Happy Birthday to me. It was a great place to celebrate another year older. The cake was goof, too. I cheated and had a piece.

I was honoured that they thought of me

Sherm, Sandy and I retired early. The TV was dominated by Hurricane Florence news. I sorted photos and notes for the day before hitting the sack.

Faces of VROC (Sandy's Photos)

Sandy had a new Nikon Coolpix B500 and used the 40x zoom to get some candid portraits as the day went by. I thought a few of them were exceptional and included them here.

 Hot Sauce



 Lucky Al


Some guy who wandered in

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