Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Eureka Springs VROC Reunion Day One - Branson Lunch Ride

Margot and Scott's blue heeler, Taz, had been a fixture at VROC rallies for many years. Unfortunately, he passed away this past year so Bubbles had a Taz mug made up and presented it to Margot this morning.

He was a good dog and an honorary VROC member

Some of us rode over to the Gazebo Restaurant at the Best Western Eureka Inn. Eureka Springs, oddly, has two Best Western hotels less than a half mile apart. We discovered the very nice and reasonably priced breakfast at the Gazebo last year and made it our regular start to the day.

Sandy and Sherm decided to skip the food. I had bacon, sausage and eggs. And then more sausage and bacon. No photos for a change.

What to do today?

We couldn't ride to Lambert's today because Blondy wasn't here yet. We couldn't do the Cliff House ride because Zeke wasn't here yet. I suggested taking a roundabout route to have lunch at the Uptown Cafe in Branson. Lucky Al, Magellan and Hancock decided to come along. Sandy opted to skip the ride.

Luckey all getting pre-departure riding tips from Lanny

We rode Arkansas 23 north out of Eureka Springs to the Missouri state line. After a short bit on County Road J, we turned left on Missouri 86 and rode it all the way to Missouri 76. We then followed 76 all the way back into Branson where we stopped at the Uptown Cafe for lunch. A map of the entire route is at the end of this post but I want to highlight two exceptional stretches for anyone who may find themselves in this part of the country. The rest was good but these were great. No photographer, no photos.

Missouri 86 from County F to Missouri 76

Missouri 76 from Missouri 39 to Cape Fair

Cape Fair Missouri

Branson was relatively quiet. The Uptown Cafe entertainment was in full swing but we got a table anyway. I had a chef salad that was very generous with the ham, turkey, cheese and egg. I didn't record what everyone else ate but it looked good.

Two Vulcans, two VROC licence plates but.....

Jackie B. Goode's Uptown Cafe - Branson Missouri



Lucky Al's entree

My excellent chef salad

Country 76 Boulevard, the main drag through Branson, was starting to look busy so we headed south out of town on 165, which took us across the Table Rock Dam. Then we caught Missouri 265 which took us to US 65 south. After a gas stop at the Missouri 86 exit, we took 86 to Blue Eye, Arkansas 21 to Berryville and US 62 back to Stonegate.

It was a very nice ride if I do say so myself. Not bad for something just thrown together.

Gas station at US 65 and Missouri 86

I wonder if this is any good?

Wings of a feather....

Back in Arkansas again

More people had arrived while we were away.

Hang, Sherm, Lanny and Sandy

Debbie, Sharon and others

Six Pack Jack and Hot Sauce

Ice Cream

A few of us went down the road to Sparky's Roadhouse for supper. I had a very interesting (and delicious) Reuben sandwich while Sandy had a pulled pork sandwich. Connoisseur Sherm gave the pulled pork two thumbs up and Sandy brought some leftovers back.

Sparky's Roadhouse Cafe - Eureka Springs Arkansas

Mike and Willie Wonka

Everyone else

Back at the Stonegate, even more people had arrived.

Sandy, Blondy (Alabama)  and Gambler (Arkansas)

Texas, New Jersey and Southern Illinois


Arkansas (of course)

Sandy and Teresa (Kentucky)

Lanny (Arizona)

Sheila giving Bridget Spyder lessons...

...and a demo ride

What, me worry?

Big Dawg (Indiana)

As the sun went down, Sherm and I returned to the room to sort our photos and get something posted. Not long after, we turned off the lights and called it a night.

Today's Route (122 Motorcycle miles):

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