Friday, September 20, 2013

Eureka Springs Arkansas - Friday

It finally had to happen. It was raining this morning when we got up but we have had such good weather so far that we didn't even care. After the food Virgil brought us last night, DD, Cheap B, Sandy and I jumped into the truck and drove down to the Route 62 Diner for breakfast. Wrong Turn and KT rode in shortly after.

What we didn't know was that two of Virgil's staff had not showed up this morning. As a result, he was trying to cook and wait tables all by himself. It took us an hour to get our food but, then again, the company was good and we had nowhere else to be. And when the food did arrive, it was great.

DD, Sandy and Cheap B at the Route 62 Diner

Waiting for food


Wrong Turn and KT - no coffee yet

We spent a lot of time talking to people back at the motel as Hot Sauce and Margot got the smokers going for tonight's BBQ. I got to spend some quality time talking to VROC guru Coyote. For something to do, Sherm, Coyote, Sandy and I took the truck to WalMart in Berryville to see if there was anything we needed. We didn't find much but it was an expedition.

Cheap B and Cargo killing time

Candy and Sandy

DD and JR pondering

Cheap B, Gambler and Magellan

Stewey, Jamie T (Rocky) and Gambler

DD and Scooter

A quiet time at the Kaw Pasture

Debbie and Vickie from Texas


Mother and child reunion......

Around 5:30, the multitudes assembled for the traditional group photo. Stewey was the official photographer and he got the job done in record time.

Stewey Karsh

The group

After the photo was finished, we all started lurking near the smokers because we knew that the Hot Sauce BBQ was about to begin. When the food was ready, no one got trampled. Ribs, brisket, pork, mashed taters and mac and cheese were plentiful and tasty. Many thanks to Hot Sauce, Margot and everyone who helped them for feeding all of us.

Cargo and Hot Sauce watch Badger slice brisket

Condi selling last minute raffle tickets - SD buying them

El Nomad and Tom taste testing

A rare photo of Trouble

Flamekiller the photographer


Hot Sauce to the rescue

Flash and Sandy

Mitch extracting the ribs

The crowd patiently waiting

Sandy got a sample

Ladies of VROC

Sherm, Zeke and Coyote

kopperhed and Flash

Sandy chowing down



Liz, Watchman and Teresa

 Skyking has a new friend

After the food was eaten, strange things were seen around the Kaw Pasture.

Stewey attaching his custom WalMart GoldWing tour pack

Hello Kitties

The final order of business was the raffle. The proceeds of the 50/50 draw were going to the Eureka Springs Fire/EMS and they had an engine and crew pay us a visit. They received $485 and did the drawing for the many raffle prizes, many courtesy of Riders Of Kawasaki. There were a number of multiple winners with Mitch topping the list. Sandy and I got a  water bottle. The winner of the 50/50 draw was Skyking.

Drawing for the raffle prizes

Business taken care of, everyone went back to the traditional mingling. The ladies were doing more lemon drops while the guys sat up by our room telling stories. It was another great end to a great day and no one even cared that it had rained.

Southern Draw saved some BBQ for later

Stewey and Gearman

Skyking, Scooter and Tom

Cheap B in his Kanab shirt

SD is STILL eating

We finally wandered off to bed about 11:00. One more day to go.

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