Monday, September 23, 2013

Murphysboro Illinois to Port Huron Michigan

We departed Murphysboro before 6:30 AM in a (what's new?) foggy haze. Many thanks to Willie and Carlene for putting us up, feeding us and introducing us to an amazing ice cream shop.

The route for today had been to drive to Dayton, Ohio and spend tomorrow visiting the USAF Museum at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Then we would then have returned to Sudbury on Wednesday. However, we decided to head straight back to Sudbury instead.

We drove across the secondary roads of southern Illinois, straight roads that met at 90 degree angles as is common in the flatlands. I was cautious because there could be deer lurking in the morning haze, but all we saw was a family of raccoons crossing the road as they returned from a night of foraging. Sandy did get another very nice sunrise photo and I was reminded of why I don't like driving east into a sunrise. Eventually, we reached I-57 at Benson where we stopped at Mickey D's for another Happy Breakfast to go.

Misty morning in Illinois

Sunrise in my eyes

Better when heading north

Another awesome sunrise shot by Sandy

We followed a Tango truck north on I-57 to I-70 at Effingham and then headed east, but there were few trucks to draft on this stretch. We stopped at Greenup for fuel and then crossed into Indiana. Taking the south route around Indianapolis, we caught I-69 and followed it to Port Huron, Michigan. There were more wind turbine parts on the move today, underscoring just how wind farms, which have become prevalent, are continuing to grow.

Our front door on I-57

A wind turbine head assembly

I-465 around Indianapolis

Another pretty truck

Welcome to Michigan

Leaves are starting to change

Wind turbine nose cones

And a turbine blade

Coming into Port Huron, we again encountered signs saying the roads had changed and our GPS was probably inaccurate. Still, we were able to find the Subway and get some food to take to the Comfort Inn with us. Then we found the hotel and settled in for the night.

Today's Route (643 Avalanche/trailer miles):

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