Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Eureka Springs Arkansas - Wednesday

Everyone got moving slowly this morning. After wandering around for a while, a group of us decided to ride over to Pancake's Family Restaurant for breakfast. The lot was mostly full when we got there but we managed to wedge the bikes into spots here and there.

The breakfast buffet was simple. There were scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, biscuits, pancakes, toast and fruit. But it was reasonable and it was good. Soon after we arrived, the place cleared out, making us wonder if we had offended someone.

Cargo and Scooter

Scooter said the little table made them look big

Laura, Bassman and Sandy

Stewey, Sherm, Wrong Turn and KT

Coyote raiding the buffet

The after breakfast pause

Somebody will be welcome soon

I Am Curious (Yellow)

Heading back to the motel

Back at the motel, Bassman suggested we take a little ride south and connect with SR 221, which runs back up to Berryville. The Arkansas ride map says it is a good road. We set out with eight bikes carrying ten people, first traveling south on CR 302. This was a narrow, winding road that was fun to ride. We then caught 221 which was newer, wider and consisted more of big sweeping curves. I actually preferred 302.

71 Miles

County Road 302

County Road 302

State Road 221

State Road 221

State Road 221

We arrived in Berryville and stopped along a street to consider what to do next. Wrong Turn had a loose spot light on his Nomad so we went over to the Ace Hardware parking lot, where they tried to fix it. The light was obstinate so the eventual fix included both Duck (sic) Tape and black electrical tape. While we were there, Ice Cream found us and pulled in.

Regrouping in Berryville

Stopped at Ace Hardware - Berryville

Wrong Turn and Bassman working on the spotlight as KT and Laura supervise

KT lends a hand

Now Sherm offers some advice

With the spotlight temporarily secured, we continued east on US 62 to a gas station at the intersection of SR 103. A couple of bikes fueled up and then we proceeded south on 103. There were two stops along here, one for photos and the other to wait for Ice Cream, whose saddlebag had come open. After the second stop, I moved from the back of the group to second spot, right behind Bassman. We turned right on US 412 and then onto SR 21, which took us back up to Berryville. We had a couple of drops of rain here before we rode back across 62 to the motel. It was a good ride.

US 62 out of Berryville - merging

US 62

US 62


Self portrait

Sherm is smiling

State Road 103

Arkansas scenery

More Arkansas scenery

State Road 103

Waiting for Ice Cream

We moved up to second spot

Bassman leads into a curve

More scenery

And still more

Some nice curves on SR 21

Back at the motel, Badger and Susan arrived. Stewey had gifts for them. Susan got a sock monkey that lets out a Tarzan yell when hit and Badger got a stuffed honey badger that says lines from that famous nature documentary of the same name.

Badger and Susan arrive

"Honey badger don't give a shit...."

Badger, Susan and their new pets

A few of us decided a simple supper was in order so we rode down to Grandma's Beans and Cornbread, where we had lunch yesterday. The lot was empty so we thought it would be quiet. Unfortunately, the bus outside wasn't for the hall next door. There were a number of people inside, including two who were taking up the big eight place table. We had resigned ourselves to splitting up when they got up and left. 

The single cook was somewhat overwhelmed and told Sherm he wouldn't be able to have a chef salad until much later, so he left. The rest of us, unaware that this had happened until after we ordered and paid, were pretty well committed. Sandy and I split another chicken salad sandwich on wheat with potato chips.

Back to Grandma's for supper

The gang at Grandma's

The people back at the motel were just kicking back and taking it easy. In short order, Hot Sauce and Margot pulled in from Oklahoma towing a couple of smokers behind their truck, Jamey T and Trouble arrived from South Dakota and Skyking and Gearman made it from Ohio and Michigan, respectively. The big surprise was Southern Draw, who had just completed an over 9,000 mile trip and hadn't been expected to be here.

The evening was pretty laid back, with people visiting in the parking lot and a few bottles being passed around. I didn't see anyone going down to the fire pit down the back hill, but we didn't need it. The temperature was just right and the mood was good.

Just before midnight, Cheap B rolled in from Alabama. He was supposed to leave home tomorrow morning but saw that Southern Draw was leaving today and, since they were sharing a room, he decided he would as well. Strapped to the back of his bike was a large box of Bitch Brittle, the awesome peanut brittle made by his wife, Wanda.

A shady spot is popular

Jamey T and Trouble

Skyking and Gearman 

Taz, so Hot Sauce and Margot must be here

Coyote, Sandy and Hot Sauce

Flamekiller, Susan and Miss Margot

Someone parked a nice trailer here

Hot Sauce, Taz and Stewey

Tom & Denise talking to Wrong Turn and KT

Southern Draw was a surprise (here with Mom)

Stewey with some of Amanda's birthday cake

Cheap B arrives before midnight

I was the last in our room to turn in, just after midnight. This was the kind of day that  keeps us coming back to VROC gatherings time after time. For another perspective, please check out Sherm's Wednesday blog.

BTW, thanks for the excellent birthday gift, Bill. I will treasure it and think of you every time I use it.

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