Monday, September 09, 2013

Preparation Day

I was very surprised when the RIV inspection form arrived in my Email Inbox on Sunday afternoon. They must work weekends. The wrinkle was that the truck was going in at 8:00 AM today to be detailed, a process that could take most of the day, and Canadian Tire (the official RIV inspection agent) didn't start inspecting until 8:00 as well. But I had an idea and, on the way to the detailer, I dropped the trailer off in the CTC lot.

With the truck in the shop, I took the bike and my papers and went back to CTC where the trailer passed inspection and they stamped my Form 1. Then I rode to our local licence bureau, laid out all the papers I had been collecting, and got the new plates. The trailer was now officially and legally in Canada and we would be able to leave for Arkansas tomorrow morning.

The next stop was at the bank to make a Freedom Riders deposit and then home, where I realized I had left my clipboard with the list of things to do at Canadian Tire when I was paying for tire chocks. I ride back to CTC and then over to Princess Auto for a new electronic tire/tread depth gauge.

At home, I paid the bills and was finishing some paperwork when Owen called to say the truck was ready. We got it and then picked up the trailer and brought it home. I mowed our yard and the neighbor's, finishing just in time to attend a 5:00 PM committee meeting for the upcoming MS Golf Tournament, scheduled for the 15th.

Back at home, I hooked up the trailer and Sandy watched while I loaded the bike. There is a little more room inside than my last 5 x 10 and the loading went well. I tied it down and then locked up for the night. We packed some gear and then watched Under The Dome on TV before calling it a night.

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