Sunday, September 01, 2013

Woodstock and Cambridge Ontario

I was up by 7:00 AM, still on the couch where I had fallen asleep watching my own private zombie marathon. Over coffee, I worked on uploading yesterday's photos and transcribing notes. Now that we will be going back on the road, this will have to be kept up to date or it will overwhelm me. Sometimes it does seem like a job.

We all watched a movie called The Watch on Netflix. With Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn in leading roles, it was a silly picture but fun entertainment. Then we headed out about 10:00 AM for some local shopping. The first stop was Tim Horton's for breakfast, where the inside lineup actually stretched outside the door. Next was a stop at Home Depot where Tom exchanged some fence post caps, followed by  Zehr's so Heather could pick up some supplies for meetings at work this week. A bank stop wasn't successful because the Green Machine (TD ATM) was down.

Since we were near new car alley, we stopped and looked at vehicles at the Toyota, Kia and Hyundai dealerships because Tom and Heather are in the market. None of them were open but we wandered among the cars anyway. Sandy was extolling the virtues of the Kia Rondo, a nice little vehicle that will seat seven in a pinch (and is unavailable in the USA), because her father Harry bought one and likes it a lot. The Chev dealer next to the Kia shop had three 2011 Avalanches tagged between $35 and $37 thousand. I guess I can wait a bit for my six speed.

One more stop at a different bank and again at Canadian Tire, and we went back to the house. Around 1:30, Tom set out for Ikea in Burlington to have a talk to them about a crib that they had paid full price for the day before it went on sale. The rest of us drove to Cambridge in our truck where Kim, Sandy and Heather had planned on going shopping for Jolene's back to school wear. Unbeknownst to them, Mike had promised Jolene that she could go along, so all four of them went.

With the distaff side gone and Robyn still napping, Mike and I watched some TV for a while. Eventually, Robyn woke up in a good mood and we played together until people started to arrive. Uncle Tom returned from Ikea sans crib. They wouldn't credit him with the difference between the full and sale prices so he returned the whole thing on principle. They will get it again the next time it goes on sale.

Robyn riding Rice Crispy

Young equestrian in training or maybe a cowgirl?

Cowgirl it is........

Mike put some pork tenderloin in the slow cooker as we waited for the ladies to come back from shopping. They arrived later than we thought, close to 6:00 PM. The supper of tenderloin, mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables was very good. Jolene wasn't too keen on the pork, although she ate lots of veggies and kept asking for more mashed potatoes, so Mike miked cut up pieces of meat and mixed it in with the potatoes. Robyn just kept asking for more of everything. Desert was strawberry rhubarb pie with whipped cream which I should have declined. But I didn't. No willpower, I guess.

After supper, we watched some of the NASCAR race from Hotlanta.  My four Fantasy League drivers, who all qualified well, started to have difficulties as usual. Sandy's back was hurting from standing all afternoon during the shopping expedition so we decided to head back to Woodstock about 9:30. The race was on XM so I got to listen as more of my drivers got into trouble.

We made it back to Woodstock by 10:20 and I settled in to finish yesterday's blog. About 11:30, I wrapped it up and headed off to bed, the last one to do so.

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