Saturday, August 10, 2019

Fontana NC - WWR XIII Last Day

It was hard to believe that the last day of Wolfman's Wandering Rally XIII had arrived. I got up at 7:00 AM to finish yesterday's blog post and then went out to check the pressure in the plugged tire. There was (were?) 34 PSI in the tire when I put it back on the car yesterday, but only 23 when I checked it this morning. I knew that the real fix should have been an inside patch but the tire shop was just closing yesterday and the lady said they never had problems with these.

After my calling around and Bill calling around, it seemed no one was available to do a proper fix. WalMart said they wouldn't touch a tire repair that someone else had worked on. Another place said they would plug or sell a new tire. The plug was still sticky, so I decided to air it up (I always carry a 12 V compressor) and watch the sensor readout on the way home. If it got bad, we would stand down and find a shop on Monday.

Leaky rubber

With nothing more to be done about the tire, we went to the main dining room and partook of the breakfast buffet. I cheated and had a couple of biscuits and gravy along with eggs, sausage and scads of bacon.

After we ate, I rode the bike down to the trailer parking area while Sandy drove the Equinox. We pulled the trailer ahead, loaded the bike and all the gear and then put the trailer back until tomorrow morning. Then we went back to our room where we packed and loaded the suitcases.

A few folks went for rides and a few other folks showed up to visit.

Phillip, Caleb and Tbone

Ricky Bobby


Going for a ride

Talon looks like Ben Franklin on the $100 bill

Joker stopped by for a while

I still don't understand ape hangers

Nice Ferrari


Clouds left us alone

Mikey says Hi to Scooter

EZ and Mikey - the Ringgold Connection

Phillip and Caleb

Linda, Sandy and Carolyn (Southern Charm)

Deep discussion

Everyone signed the banner

Even us

The Banquet and Raffle

The banquet was catered by Fontana Village Resort in the Carolina Room. Bill and Carolyn outdid themselves in finding prizes for the raffle. Proceeds would go to The Giving Spoon in Bryson City. But first, we ate.

Buying last minute raffle tickets

Bill called us to order and said grace
(after a moment of silence for absent companions)

Roger sees I left him some brisket

My first plate

A charity Bill and Carolyn believe in

Kathleen from The Giving Spoon describes their work

Tbone and Caleb ready to hand out prizes

Bill gave the veterans present commemorative knives

Youngest and oldest attendees

The proceeds of the raffle were augmented by an ad hoc collection in the hall, which pushed the total donation to over $700.

Kathleen with some funds to help The Giving Spoon

Ready for more awards and the prize draws

Bill and Big Grouch from Windsor Ont were furthest travelled
(on motorcycles)

Fatty was highest VROC number
(Toj #13 was the lowest)

Ricky Bobby had the shortest ride

Cornhole Champs Fatty and his dad, Big Dawg

Corn Hole runners up Mad & Frau Kaw

Big Dawg also won the Putt Putt Challenge

and Frau Kaw came second

The Kaw couple also did very well in the raffle

As did Big Grouch and Bill

Everyone got something and some got more

Bill having a clearance sale of stylish apparel

Unusual Slingshot with a roof rack

 It rained somewhere close by

After the banquet, everyone gathered at the Kaw Pasture by the pool. The mood was a little sad since we would all be heading out in the morning, but also upbeat remembering the new memories we made this week.

Sandy and I turned in before 11:00 PM, after setting the alarms for 6:00 AM tomorrow morning.

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