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Fontana Village North Carolina - WWR XIII Wayah Road

Last night, we made plans to leave at 9:00 AM today for Wolf Creek for breakfast and then ride Wayah Road. At the appointed hour, Sandy & I, Ice Cream Dave and Mas Tequila Tim were going to ride and Cheap B Mark was going to follow in his BMW convertible quadracycle. Tim looked at the empty shotgun seat in the Beemer and, suddenly, there were only two bikes going. The ride down Moonshiner 28 to Stecoah was fun and uneventful.

Clouds on the mountains

Tim and Mark ready to roll

28 is a great road

They collected the flagman as soon as this stop segment ended

A few raindrops fell while we waited for permission to proceed

Wolf Creek was open. The service was good, as was the food. I had a western omelette with bacon mixed in while Sandy had a breakfast sandwich with egg, ham and cheese. The new look was very rustic and well done. On the way out, I met a Ducati rider with an Italian accent. I asked where he was from and he surprised me by saying Toronto, Canada. He was on his way to Knoxville this morning.

Back at Wolf Creek

Motorcycle oriented

That was some close parking

The table was set for five when we arrived

Mason jar lighting

Fixture by Plumbing Mart

Leaving Wolf Creek, we rode 28 to US 74/19 and took it through the Nantahala Gorge. There was a pickup truck ahead of us that was doing a respectable speed. One slow driver from Kansas pulled over when the truck driver pressured him. That was the only holdup all the way to Wayah Road.

Scenes from the Nantahala Gorge

Kudzu, the vine that ate the south...

Turning left on Wayah Road, we followed the twists and turns until we came to the Lakes End Restaurant and Marina on the shores of Nantahala Lake. Mark told the hostess we were just stopping to look but I got a coffee in my Butler mug to go. This would be a great destination for a lunch run.

We continued on Wayah Road (no straight sections) to the outskirts if Franklin, NC, where Mark took the lead and we bypassed the downtown.

Our leader

Ice Cream easy rider

Mark led up NC 28 for a ways, which meant we did not see him until he pulled over to let us go by. That was after we passed a motorcycle rider who was afraid to lean into the curves. And this section of highway has a lot of curves. Once by, with Mark and Tim following David, I was able to leg it out a bit and got to Highway 74 a few minutes before they did. Thank the Illinois State Police and then Sgt. Joey Watson for the lesson on trail braking. The corners are much smoother and quicker now.

Clouds forming north of us

Scenes from Highway 28 South

The Everett Diner in Bryson City was closed by this time, so we went to Nayber's Drive-In Restaurant just down the road. We had been by here many times but never stopped to eat. Southern Draw told me they eat here once a week. I had a double bacon and cheese burger "all the way". It came with all kinds of stuff dripping out of it and took me eight napkins to handle. But it was good. Sandy had a strawberry sundae and a root beer float. Nothing is too good for my girl.

The main intersection in Bryson City NC

From Bryson City, we headed back to Fontana. David and I stopped at the BP near 28 for fuel while Mark continued on. Then it was a quick run up 28 North to Fontana. Dave had a near miss when an oncoming lady in a small white car failed to stay on her own side in a curve.

It was hot when we arrived back at the Lodge at 3:00 PM. I jumped in the pool for a while and then talked to a couple from Cincinnati. The Internet was down and the phones weren't working either. With no cell service, we were totally incommunicado.

Mikey and Linda had arrived

So had the infamous Talon

We had planned on going on the boat tour of Fontana Lake at 5:30 but the operator screwed up the reservation. We decided to go tomorrow and that we would give Wolf Creek one more chance for supper. Everyone piled into cars for this run.

Guess what? Wolf Creek was only open for supper on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, even though their signs said no such thing. Tonight, they were hosting a private party. Lucky for us, the Stecoah Diner (less than a mile away) was open and did have room to seat us. Supper was fine except for brown gravy on someone's chicken fried steak. That made me think of a certain person in Kanab, Utah back in 2005.

Cheap B, Wanda, Linda and Mikey

Would you vote for this man?

Pecos, Mad Kaw and Mona

Southern Draw, Southern Charm, Mas Tequila and Talon

Ice Cream, Sharon and Sandy

On the way back, it started to rain heavily as we got near Fontana. It was a good thing we all had roofs over our heads. The Kawasaki banner at the south entrance had fallen down and Southern Draw got out to fix it with the help of Pecos and Mad Kaw. Carolyn and Mona drove off and left them to walk to the lodge.

Drying the table after the rain

Not sure what Sandy is thinking here

Big Dawg Jim, his son Bradley and a friend of theirs had arrived while we were gone and were in the Wildwood Cafe when the rain hit. We sat around making conversation, still without Internet. It made it awkward when one of us could not remember something and could not resort to Google. There was still no contact with the outside world when we went to bed about 11:00 PM.

Today's Route (133 motorcycle miles):

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