Saturday, August 03, 2019

Grove City Pennsylvania to Abingdon Virginia

Second Day On Our Journey To WWR XIII

Yesterday Sandy and I talked about what we might have forgotten. I said that if we had cash/credit cards and the passports, we could make due. Then I added meds. This morning, I realized I had forgotten the lancets for my glucose test kit. Added a stop at a WalMart pharmacy to today's agenda.

There was nothing urgent today and less miles than yesterday, so we didn't get away until about 8:20.

 Another clear day

 Mt. Nebo near Pittsburgh

 Crossing the Ohio River

 The mighty Ohio

 Carvana car vending machine near Canonsburg Pa
(I saw TV ads but thought they were a joke)

 Canonsburg Pennsylvania is so picturesque

 Lead BMW rider wearing shorts - no ATGATT???

 Never ending roadwork on I-79/76 Washington Pennsylvania

 Lots of trees

 lots of alliterative W's

 West Virginia Welcome Center

 Sandy hurt herself on this curb in 2010

 Lots of different levels

 Fairmont West Virginia is quite high tech

 WalMart Clarksburg West Virginia had lancets and a machine

I can't help thinking about "the last train to Clarksburg". Yes, I know its the wrong name...

 Seeing more and more kiosks in US Mickey D's

 Some West Virginia road work but less than our trip down in May

 US 19 - Mountaineer Expressway between I-79 and I-77

 The high point on US 19 before Summersville West Virginia

 Mom, Dad and little gaffer (with sunglasses)

 The second Mt. Nebo of the day

 I think it was an old Caprice

 Crossing New River Gorge Bridge

 Guy at the front in the middle lane couldn't find his coins or something

 Traffic was jammed up as soon as we got to I-79 in Beckley

This stretch of I-79 through Beckley used to be really rough. They resurfaced it a couple of years ago and now they were widening it. The holdup was a Celadon semi that was being hooked up to a wrecker. As I went to move left (a big rig gave me room) some woman with Colorado plates behind me pulled out and charged through. I came close to hitting her and it would not have been an accident.

 Broken truck in one of the two lanes

 Heavy wrecker folks

 Second of the WV Turnpike toll booths

 We're looking good

 Camp Creek Hill is three miles long, doo dah, doo dah...

 Lots of warnings and burnt brake smells

 East River Mountain - the tunnel to Virginia

 And here we are

 They want the big rigs to keep moving fast

 Second tunnel

 Climbing toward Wytheville Virginia

 Virginia State Troopers all blue lights

Wytheville Virginia 

 Mountain Empire Airport's sloped runway

 Afternoon popup clouds

 An oldie but a goodie

 More clouds

 Traffic grinds to a halt four miles from our destination

 This is interesting

 They build them

 Got off at Exit 19 (two miles short)

 Abingdon is a pretty place

 Washington County Circuit Courthouse

 Famous Barter Theater

We arrived at the Super 8 in Abingdon at 5:30 and got checked in. After we got settled, I found the WiFi was behaving oddly. It was enough to make me concerned that the access point had been spoofed. I never do any sensitive work over open WiFi anyway, but I had been meaning to set up a Virtual Personal Network for some time so I fired up data on the phone and got it done. The computer and both phones are now running under a VPN.

It was late when I got done and we still hadn't eaten so we walked down to McDonald's and I cheated by having a double quarter pounder with cheese. Sandy had the buttermilk chicken tenders.

The Super 8 and the McDonald's are further apart than they look

It isn't supposed to rain until 3:00 PM tomorrow afternoon, so we will probably get the ride in and stay dry. One other concern is that the car was making an odd noise from the front left at low speed as we drove through Abingdon, so I will check that out. Worst case, there will be a visit the Chev dealer first thing Monday morning.

Today's Route (421 Equinox/trailer miles):

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