Thursday, August 29, 2019

Sherkston Shores - Day 5 - An Old Friend

It was a slow morning.

In the afternoon, Sandy and I went to visit an old friend from our work days. Those from Inco Accounting will remember Harold, a well known character around the office and, later, the union hall. He accomplished a lot in his time there. I met Harold my very first day on the job in the Pay Office in 1970 and shook his hand the very last day in March, 2001. He and Bonnie were doing quite well in a lovely house in Welland, had seven grandchildren and were doing some traveling. He was looking good and introduced me to a very nice brand of Guatemalan rum.

Heather and Tom took the kids to the beach while we were gone. From the photos Heather posted, it looked like they had a great time.

We were back in time for supper. If the "red sky at night" was anything to go by, tomorrow was going to be a great day.

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