Friday, August 09, 2019

RIP Scotty

David "Scotty" Scott V~3409

This morning, I received a Facebook text from Marlene asking me to inform the VROC family that that Scotty had passed away. The response from our family has been overwhelming.

Dave, who had been part of the core group of VROC'er with Marlene back in the day, had been ill for some time an unable to travel. Back in my Nomad days, he and I had wandered across the country together and he was as good a companion on the road as a person could ask for. I have missed his presence at our gatherings for years.

I would say Rest In Peace, old friend, but after the many times you explained to me the principles of your Buddhist beliefs, I expect you will just be gearing up for the next round.

Our best thoughts and love go out to Marlene.

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