Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Fontana Village North Carolina - WWR XIII Day One

Got up late and had breakfast in the Lodge with Mas Tequila and a couple from Northern Virginia. Then we hung out by the pool for most of the day. Even the locals were saying it was hotter than usual.

Ice Cream, Bill & Carolyn

Bill, Cheap B and Yours Truly

Ice Cream (David) and I talked about a ride during the day but Bill posted that we would ride to Wolf Creek and check out their new improved restaurant. Ride would leave at 4:00 PM, and we did.

Pecos and Mad Kaw

Bill & Carolyn

We headed out on NC 28 and only got to the Fontana Dam intersection, where we were held up for over twenty minutes waiting for a pilot car. They were grinding something on the highway.

Waiting on 28

Following the pilot car

I don't know if Wolf Creek is closed every Tuesday or if it was just this one.

No food for you today

We rode back up 28 and across 143 to Robbinsville, where we stopped at The Hub. We got there at 5:15 and they closed at 5:00, but the owner said we were the most business he had all afternoon and reopened to feed us.

After supper, we followed US 129 up to the US 28 intersection at the Crossroads of Time. Not stopping, we headed back down 28 and took a break near the dridge below Fontana Dam, Then we continued back to Fontana Village.

Tapoco Lodge 

Cheoah (Fugitive) Dam

No kidding

Mist on the Little Tennessee River

The Fontana Dam is just around that bend

Four Happy Bikes

A group of happy people

Telling tales

And planning for tomorrow

The moon with our new cheap camera

We turned in before 11:00 after making plans for a ride to breakfast and beyond tomorrow.

Today's Route (53 motorcycle miles):

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