Monday, April 11, 2011

Coushatta Louisiana: Fishing

Morning scenes at Thomas and Pam's house

The always present Oscar

Thomas has a green thumb

The old barn

The pool and our rolling condo

Thomas made another great breakfast this morning and then took Sandy and I down to his favourite fishing spot. We set up on his dock and got the rods ready. I don't think I've had a line in the water in over forty years but got my hook baited OK. For me, it amounted to an exercise in feeding fish as the little ones nibbled the worms off my hook but Thomas caught a few sunfish, or bluegills as I knew them when I was young. Sandy also caught one and almost got a turtle.

Sandy and Thomas on the dock

Patience is a virtue

The fish looks bigger if you hold it closer to the camera

We were doing well until Sandy looked behind us and saw a black cloud moving our way. From the time we first saw it until the storm hit was less than five minutes. We got everything back in the truck in time.

The storm is coming

Almost here

Driving through the rain, we returned to Coushatta and stopped at Bailey's Sandwiches to pick up hamburgers and french fries. These burgers are hand made and make me think of the Silver Bullet fare back home. As the Mainers say, finestkind. Probably not too good for the arteries, though.

Back at the house, I got totally caught up on the blog and then we engaged in some deep conversation that, if anyone listened, probably could have solved most of the problems of the world.

Sandy got this hummingbird when it wasn't humming

Oscar stole Thomas's Croc and used it for a pillow

After Pam got home, supper consisted of bass and perch, hushpuppies and fries. Sandy Skyped Kim and, although Jolene had gone to bed, we got to see Robyn. We're looking forward to seeing them over Easter Weekend back in Sudbury.

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