Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

The reason we came back north for Easter was because Kim and Mike had asked if they could bring the kids to Sudbury for Easter. They were supposed to head up Good Friday morning but came later in the day because they had been sick the day before. We had planned to take the kids to see the Easter exhibits at Science North on Saturday but changed our plans and went on Sunday instead. They headed home on Monday morning.

Grandkids are great. Jolene isn't 2 1/2 yet but she is talking a blue streak and making complete sentences. Robyn, at six months, is getting her first tooth and was fussy at night, but was a happy baby when she was awake.

I did some investigating to find out the rules for legally caring young children in RV's due to the Ontario child seat requirements. It looks like there isn't one despite the fact that they can ride in taxis for hire with only a regular seatbelt and don't use any restraint in a school bus. Chalk another case of infringing on lifestyles up to the McGuinty nanny government.

Easter Morning

Easter presents

Happy Robyn

Not so happy Jolene

Robyn is getting her first tooth

Matching jammies

Robyn and a bunny

Happier Jolene

Science North

Petting a huge bunny

Girls should be able to use tools

A hug for the Easter Bunny

In the Butterfly Conservatory

Dad and daughter looking good

Butterflies snacking

Jolene liked this seat

Massasauga rattlesnake (our only venomous creature)

Horny old man

Look at that rack

Mike and Jolene studying drainage patterns

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Anonymous said...

It looks like you all had a nice Easter.