Tuesday, May 03, 2011

RIP Ace Eakley

I met Ace Eakley in Coos Bay, Oregon when I went to Sherm's club to join him in his morning pool exercise program. Ace was one of the group and was a very good guy. Sherm told me he used to follow this blog. I was saddened to find the message below on the VROC newsgroup today.

Several of you have met my friend Ace that I see at the Swimming hole 3 or 4 times a week. He drives 65 miles round trip up from Bandon. Yesterday they had a little reunion for my first day back in the pool after 6 months. Ace was in a rare good mood all morning. On the way home, his Cadillac stopped running. Someone gave him a ride the last 10 miles home. He called a tow truck and left in his wife's new Toyota to meet them at the car. It was picked up, and he was on his way home. Heart attack while driving, and ran into a building. He had no pulse at the scene and they weren't able to revive him. He was in his early 80's, but seemed pretty healthy. You just
never know....

R.I.P. Ace Eakley.
Sherm v363

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