Saturday, May 28, 2011

Freedom Riders Annual Memorial Run

The Annual Memorial Run has been a Freedom Riders tradition for many years. It is a time when the club gathers to remember those club members who are no longer with us. The focal spot recently has been a memorial tree to Founding Member Alex Ogilvy that was planted at Fielding Memorial Park by his wife Mary Ann and daughter Becky. To increase the profile of this run, the membership recently decided that it would be held on the last Saturday of every May.

After gathering at the tree and saying some words, the plan was to ride to Manitoulin Island for lunch but the weather didn't cooperate. This morning, we awoke to grey skies and steady drizzle so the ride was deferred until tomorrow but the Memorial Gathering itself was to go ahead rain or shine.. Some determined riders showed up at Fielding on bikes while more came in cars.

At the appointed time, President Rob said a few words followed by the Linda Ellis poem The Dash. I followed by reading the names of our fallen friends and a passage by Canon Henry Scott-Holland (1847-1918), Canon of St Paul's Cathedral titled Death Is Nothing At All.

Fielding Memorial Park

The Alex Ogilvy Memorial Tree

Note the umbrellas

Freedom Riders Group Photo

Afterwards, we mingled for a bit and then Road Captain Nepper, in his trusty waterproof  Jeep, did what he does best and led us to food. We all got to Mr. J's Roadhouse in Lively before he did.

Breakfast was good and we made plans for part two of the Run, the ride to Manitoulin Island for lunch tomorrow. We hope the weatherman is nicer to us then.

The group at Mr. J's

More photos here.

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