Sunday, June 10, 2012

Freedom Riders Club Ride and Trip Preparations

This morning, we attended the Freedom Riders monthly membership meeting. We took the truck because I needed to carry a case with my Treasurer's files and it won't fit in the bike trunk.  It was a beautiful day and, after the business was done, the decision was that we would ride to Sturgeon Falls for a brunch buffet.  Sandy and I hustled home, switched to the bike and, joined by long time riding partner Terry, we hustled to the rendezvous point.

Eleven bikes rolled east on Highway 17 towards the Sturgeon Falls Inn.  The traffic wasn't a problem as we kept a moderate pace and, before we knew it, we were there.  Surprisingly, they were able to seat our whole group right away.  In addition to the usual breakfast buffet fare of eggs, various meats, pancakes and French toast plus a nice assortment of desserts, they were cooking omelets to order.  All in all, it was a good meal for the price.

Freedom Riders on the road again

Sturgeon River Inn, Sturgeon Falls Ontario

The other door

Omelets cooked to order

After the meal, Rob planned to lead a ride down Highway 64.  Some off us needed to be back in town so we skipped the scenic tour and headed back directly.  Terry led on his beautiful yellow '99 Valkyrie, I followed and Dan and Yollande brought up the rear on their Victory Vision.  I haven't followed Terry for a while and was a little ragged but I still think we scored a few style points as we rolled along.

Back at home, Leo stopped by after missing the ride due to family business. I moved all the vehicles out of the driveway and onto the street.  Then I parked the van in the back of the driveway and put the motorhome on the house side but closer to the street to allow more sun to get to the neighbor's side garden.  I did clip our rain gutter with the  RV ladder but, luckily, only did minor damage to the house and none to the ladder.

Sandy and I managed to pack all the gear that was going into the back of the truck and then get the trailer hooked up and the bike loaded.  All we would need to load tomorrow were the two carry bags we would take into the motel rooms with us.

Preparations done, I scanned through the NASCAR race from Pocono and then we watched the season opener of True Blood.  And what an opener is was.  Following that, it was bedtime.

Today's Route (109 motorcycle miles):

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